Brazil Party

Welcome to Brazil!
Welcome to Brazil!

As always, first we studied Brazil on our own and then we met last Saturday with several homeschoolers for the Brazil party. All the kids did great job. I particularly enjoyed kids presenting Brazil in the form of quiz/game. It was very interactive, fun and informative.

Homeschoolers at Brazil Party
Homeschoolers at Brazil Party

For food, we had Brazil nuts, Brigadeiros, Brazilian Wild Rice, Brazilian Cheese Puffs, Brazilian Limeade, pineapples and mangoes. I forgot to take photos.

Brazil party was a success!

At home, we had tried Brazilian chicken with coconut milk sauce, Rabanada (Brazilian-style french toast), and Brazilian hot chocolate. We thoroughly enjoyed Brazilian cuisine.

Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk Sauce
Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk Sauce

In January, we studied Brazil. As always, we completed our fact sheets. For famous person, we studied Pele. Kids made Lego version of the Brazilian flag. I did not feel the need to either help or correct Arjun’s creation.

Kids made cascarones.

Kabir completed a rainforest puzzle.


For famous landmark, we studied the Amazon Rainforest. Both kids made a model of rainforest. Here’s is the visual tour of Kabir’s model of rainforest. Kabir did 100% of the work. All I did was to tell him what to do. Kabir used glitter glue to make the river. It was entirely his idea to pour the glitter glue to make the river.

Here is Arjun’s model of rainforest. Arjun did almost 90% of the work. He did all the painting and and added plants and animals. I just helped to cut the styrofoam and made the plants and animals more secure. That’s all.

In addition, we made a terrarium to understand the environment of rainforest. His friend, Architesh Prasad not only helped to create the terrarium but also took care of it during February as we were out of the country. He did an excellent job!

Kabir created a powerpoint presentation on the Amazon Rainforest. He did 100% of the work. All I did was to help him when he got stuck with respect to technology and I was his editor. That’s all!

If you wish, you may download his powerpoint slides on Amazon Rainforest.

Here is Kabir’s Amazon Rainforest presentation video. It is 6:48 minutes long.

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