Easter Egg and Basket – Lego Club April 2014

The plan was to get kids to make Easter eggs with Lego but the task seemed daunting and so, I tried it myself. It wasn’t easy and I had to get ideas for Lego Easter egg online. When I told the kids, they were unperturbed. They just start building. I asked them if they need help but they refused. It’s amazing how kids can be so confident. Here’s what they created.

Then they made Easter basket in groups to hold our Easter eggs.

Daniel brought his mini cars and parts to customize them. It’s an amazing work that we were honored to look at. He explained everything so patiently and eloquently. Thank you, Daniel!

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  1. Meredith says:

    They look great! Thanks for inviting us!

  2. satish Gupta says:

    Very interesting but your was a great fun needs help to stand. Very interesting voncepy.

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