Imaginary Country for Lego Club – May 2014

This Sunday, Lego club theme was “Imaginary Country.” There were two teams. The kids worked really hard building their country and naming it. There was awesome teamwork. We are so proud of our kids. One country was called Greeay and the other was Newland. The imaginary country had milking farm, subway, modern buildings, banks, schools, space station, organic farm- name it, everything was there.

Country: Greeay
Founders of Greeay: Archi, Kabir, John Gannon, Jackson and Arjun

Country: Newland
Founders of Newland: Gargi, Megha, Daniel, Vikram and Himnesh

Daniel brought his Lego car to show it to us.

Daniel with his Lego Car
Daniel with his Lego Car

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