$20 Grocery – May 2014

This weekend, $20 grocery project was very special for Kabir. This is because he went to Kroger with the help of his grandfather and made the dinner with the help of his grandmother. As Kabir had lost all his previous savings by taking us to a restaurant last month, he was very cautious with his money. He spent only $13.90. So, his savings is $6. He is thrilled to have $6 as savings.

He picked “spaghetti with herbs & garlic” from the book, “what shall we cook today?” I have to say that this is the best kids’ cook book I have come across. I love the recipes from this book. Out of 70 recipes in this book, Kabir has already tried 6 recipes in the last 5 months. Each one them have received 5 stars from him. So far, he has tried the following recipes from the book:

  • spaghetti with herbs & garlic
  • sticky toffee pudding
  • chocolate salami
  • oatie cookies
  • creamy pea soup
  • tomato pesto rolls

Amit is not really fond of spaghetti but this one changed his mind. It was just super-duper delicious! He also bought cookie dough ice-cream for dessert. He served us a satisfying and delicious meal!

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