Kabir’s Winning Stories 2014

Kabir participated in three writing contests this year.  He won second place in Gumtree writing contest 2014.  He won a red ribbon and $8.

Here is his story:

He won first place at Young Voices Foundation.  He won a certificate and $30.  He wrote a story titled “Fear of Scissors“.

He spent a part of his earning to buy flowers for Shri Mataji, and a part of his earning was used to buy Lindor white chocolates for himself.  The rest of the money will go to his savings account.

36 thoughts on “Kabir’s Winning Stories 2014”

  1. Dhanesh, last year we read about how chocolates are made especially about how white chocolate is not really chocolate. I don’t know what happened but kabir started loving white chocolate ever since. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. Kabir, I loved your “Fear of Scissors” story. Your writing and Franklin’s character drew me in so much that I had to finish it! I like how Franklin found his own inner courage to overcome his fear. What a brave character!

    Keep writing, Kabir, as you are a great storyteller!


  3. Shruti, I enjoy your post and admire parents who still find time to inspire their children for activities which support creativity and imagination! I am so happy for you! We hope to see you soon in California!:))))

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