End of the School Party 2014

Every year, we celebrate “end of the school” and we invite one family as the chief guest.  At the end of PreK for Kabir, our guests were the Johnsons, who got us started on homeschool.  Kindergarten graduation party was celebrated with our dear friends, Billy and Catherine Crews.  At the end of first grade, we invited our sweet and wonderful neighbors, the Repperts.  This year, at the end of second grade for Kabir, we invited our friends, the Chughs.

We arranged two tables.  One table showed off work done by Kabir and the other one showed off work done by Arjun.  When our chief guests arrived, we had presentation.  Amit gave a summary of all we had achieved this school year.  Arjun recited two nursery rhymes: “Jack and Jill” and “Wee Willie Winkie”.  Then he spontaneiously decided to recite “For Want of a Nail” with help of his brother.  Kabir’s end of the school project was to research and do a presentation on Thomas Alva Edison.  I got him a few books and he read them.  Then he created a PowerPoint presentation all by himself.  I helped him by showing how to add photos.  If interested, you can download his PowerPoint slides on Thomas Alva Edison.  At the party, Kabir presented it.

Presentations by the brothers

Then all of us did a short meditation, led by Kabir.  Both the kids offered flowers and thanks to Shri Mataji.  Then their grandmother awarded them the certificates.  In the end, the kids opened their gifts.  They both received bicycle bells and doodle books.

This was followed by dinner.  Kids made the menu and their grandmother took care of it.  Their requests included Butter Chicken, Paneer, Moong Daal, Vegetable Raita, Naan and Halwa.  Arjun wanted dry chicken made on a stick and so, I made that for him.  To make it little interesting, I made chocolate graduation hats and apple strudel certificates.

It was a fun party with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for a good school year!

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  1. Thank you, Anna. I write to preserve memories, to exchange ideas, to inspire others just like I get inspired when I read other people’s blog. I feel indebted to all those people who write their ideas and what they do with their kids on their blog because otherwise I would be completely at loss.

  2. Hello,
    Aap kese hai ? Mujhe aapke sare blog bahut hi pasand aaye !!!!!!
    Vastav me aap bahut hi pyari ??? (mother) hai .aapko “sadar abhinandan”????!!!!!!!

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