Amtrak to Chicago

During July 4th weekend, we surprised kids with a trip to Chicago from Memphis in Amtrak.  I had packed ahead of time and we kept the suitcase in the car previous night.  I made sure that they didn’t nap on the day of our travel.  Closer to time, I told them to take shower and get ready in their best clothes as we will take them out for dessert to a very fancy restaurant.  As per our expectations, kids fell asleep in the car pretty soon and we drove to Memphis. 

When we reached Memphis downtown, kids woke up and kept saying that they have never seen this part of Tupelo.  Very interesting!  We had to finally tell them that we are in Memphis and not Tupelo.  We had pizza and then we went inside Amtrak.  My kids thought that we are just visiting the train.  They were ecstatic when they found out that we were going to take a trip in Amtrak.  Now they assumed that this trip must be like Polar Express train.  Finally, we told them that we are traveling overnight to Chicago.  I wish I could frame those two little faces!

We took sleeper car and it was very comfortable for us.  We were offered nice breakfast on the way to Chicago and dinner on the way back.  Traveling in the train was so painless and restful that I don’t want to fly to Chicago anymore.  I prefer to take Amtrak to Chicago.  We reached Chicago so rested that we were ready to start the day.  In Chicago, we visited Navy Pier and Field Museum.  We had a spectacular view of the July 4th fireworks from the apartment of Amit’s cousin, Dhanesh Gupta.  It was so much more comfortable to be in his apartment than on the ground with such a huge crowd!  Of course, no trip to Chicago is complete without Ghirardelli and Garrett Popcorn!

I will definitely recommend traveling in Amtrak to Chicago from Memphis!

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