Lego Fair 2014

There are few events in life that just spontaneously works out without even thinking about it.  That’s what happened as far as Lego Fair 2014 was concerned.  It just worked out!!!  We had about 30 kids who showed off their creations.  All the kids did so well and each and every exhibit was just amazing.  I wanted kids to be as creative as possible and they were.  Also, everyone explained their creation perfectly in writing too!

I was concerned that kids will be bored sitting there for 3 hours (1-4pm) but everyone looked so happy and proud to explain their creation to whoever came to their table.  Many people came in to visit and that really made a difference to these kids.  I just enjoyed listening to each and every child.  It took me more than an hour to visit every exhibit, read their explanation and listen to the kid.

Some of the kids helped with the preparation of the fair.  Gargi and Kabir created the board that marked category 1, 2 and 3.  Their younger siblings tried to help as much as possible.  Arjun helped me post Lego fair posters all around the town.  Achintya Prasad created the Lego Fair poster.


We awarded a certificate and a medal to every participant.  My niece, Sakshi, helped me with certificates.


After the awards, every kid devoured delicious Lego cupcakes made by Taylor Sullivan, a school aged girl.


Sunita Prasad brought additional snacks and drinks for all the kids.  Vineeta Koul along with Sunita helped me all along in all possible ways.  This event would not have been possible without them.

Thank you to all the kids and their parents who participated in this fair.  Thank you to all who came to visit us!  Thank you again and again!!!

Here’s the newspaper article about this event:

Here is the visual tour of the Lego Fair 2014!


11 thoughts on “Lego Fair 2014”

  1. Shruti Gupta, thank you for arranging such a fantastic event. I feel sorry for people who don’t know you personally. You are the most genuine, caring, creative, loving, inspirational, and just a WOW individual one can ever know. I’m definitely one of the lucky ones that can call you my friend. You are truly the best:)

  2. Hats off to Shruti! You are such a valuable member of the Tupelo community — not only do you make educational opportunities available to your children, but you enable others to share in the learning as well. Thanks for all your hard work in coordinating the Lego Fair.

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