Water – Science Experiment

We have been studying about water.  We have been doing many experiments.  Some were success and some weren’t.  Here, are a few that were successful.

We used Legos to represent the molecules of three states of water.

We noted down the temperature at which water boils (212F )


We read about buoyancy and so, we tried to create a Lego ship that can carry as much weight as possible.

Related to buoyancy we did the following experiment where the egg sinks in plain water as the density of egg is more than that of water.  However, when we add salt to the warm water, the density of water increases.  This causes the egg to float a bit.

While I was away from the house, Amit did an experiment with the kids where they noted the pH of different liquids in comparison to water.  They noted the pH for all the liquids on an envelope!  Even though that envelope was incomprehensible to me they enjoyed and they did learn from this experiment.

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