Kids Spring Market

One of our favorite event this year has been Kids Spring Market on March 28, organized by one of the homeschool moms, Paula Cox.  My kids had a blast and learnt a lot.  Here are the photos of the products they created to sell. 

Every art class my kids get to create a spin art and so, we have so many accumulated over time.  We used them to print our favorite poems and sell those.

My father-in-law whittles and so, we had about six of his creations at home.  I gave three of them to each of the kids.  They painted them and then wrote a story to go with each of the whittling item.  They sold these too!

Kabir created a flyer of this event.  He created following two designs.

My kids loved every moment of creating products and selling them!!!  They learnt to handle money, to value handmade items, and to be creative.  They learnt customer service.  There were so many lessons that they learnt by participating in this project.  It was so worth it!  Here’s an article about this event in our local newspaper, Daily Journal.


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