Lego Fair 2015

This year, Lego Fair was hosted by Lee County library.  My kids waited for this event with much excitement.  Kabir made a working battery-operated fan.  He was inspired by the electric lamp made by Gargi Koul for Lego Fair 2014.  He had to use cardboard for fan blades as we couldn’t figure out how to use Legos for fan blades.  He used approximately 350 Lego pieces.


Arjun combined everything that he loves in his Lego.  He made a swimming pool because he loves swimming.  He made picnic tables with people eating chicken because he loves chicken (he loves chicken without curry and so, he calls it dry chicken).  He made bike rack as he loves biking.  He made flower bed because he loves putting seed in the soil (even though he hasn’t managed to grow any).  He used approximately 300 Lego pieces.


Both of them received a small trophy and a certificate!  Here is a local TV, WTVA Lego Fair article and local newspaper, Daily Journal Lego Fair article for the event.

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