Monthly Challenges

My kids look forward to monthly challenge.  Here are the photos for each challenge.

Collaborative Art Challenge: I made about 120 squares on a canvas (I should have made 100) and I bought a set of 12 acrylic paints.  We had 6 kids and we had to meet twice to complete this project.  For the first meeting, kids used 12 acrylic paints to paint 12 squares.  Then they mixed 2 paints at a time to create a new one.  So, they painted 66 squares by mixing 2 paints at a time.  They kept a chart of the colors they mixed and they named the new colors sometimes very creatively.  They painted the rest of the 42 squares with the colors of their choice – each kid got 7 squares to paint with the color of their choice.

Here’s the chart:


Here’s the canvas with painted squares


When we met the second time, kids used white acrylic marker to write positive emotions/feelings on the canvas.  Here’s the finished creation that we gifted to The Avonlea Assisted Living.



5-Minute Movie Challenge: Kids created a movie that could be as short as a minute or as long as 5 minutes on any topic that they want. Here are the links to the movies made by Kabir and Arjun.

Kabir’s movie: Life’s Lessons

Arjun’s movie: My Drawings

Other kids created movies: Hunting Deer, How to make cat toys, and What Kids Can Do When They are Bored.  I loved all the movies and we had some popcorn too!

Kabir and John Gannon entered their movies for the Daily Journal Movie Contest.  John Gannon reached semifinals and Kabir won the contest.  Here’s a Daily Journal article, a video podcast, and an audio podcast about Kabir’s win.


Candy Challenge: Kids invented a new candy and designed the packaging or wrapper for their new candy. They had to pay attention to all the information that must go on the packaging.


Handmade Board Game Challenge: Each kid created a board game on their own. They brought the board game and played with each other.  This meeting lasted about 4 hours or so.  Kids were laughing and having so much fun that I will not forget this meeting ever!


Tallest Tower Challenge: Kids worked in teams to create tallest tower possible with spaghetti and gum drops. We used styrofoam for the base.



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