Lego Fair 2016

My kids participated in the Lego Fair 2016 hosted by our local library.  They were inspired and they have been anticipating next Lego Fair with enthusiasm.

Arjun loves stationary and so, he made a desk organizer that he is actually using!  It has a place to hold crayons, pencils, stapler, paperclips, pins, erasers, index cards, tape, and large clips.  It also has a piano that has a musical box underneath so that when you turn it it’s as if music is coming out of the piano.  He also made a glue and scissors holder.  He has a working drawer to keep more stuff.  He used about 470 Lego pieces.  He got first prize in his category.



Kabir’s style is to go around the house and see what inspires him to create with Lego.  He is very proud of his first two creations during the first two Lego Fairs: Clue game and an electric working fan.  So, he wanted to create something that will make him feel proud again.  He had created a photo art last school year for the Music and Art festival.


This photo art on the wall was his muse and he tried to make it with Lego.  He really enjoyed the process.   He added all the things he loves: family, camera, food/desserts, meditation, computers, homeschooling (depicted by computer, books and pencil), traveling (depicted by airplane and a car), piano, theatre, Legos and above all, America!  He used about 550 Lego pieces.  He got first prize in his category.



It is such a great event to inspire creativity and imagination amongst kids.  There were couple of kids who made Hobbit’s carriage which was a masterpiece.  Their work was very detailed.  It was an amazing working model!  It’s a real shame that not many people take advantage of this event.  I hope that the library will not stop hosting it despite the low response.

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