End of School Party 2017

We end the school each year with a little party at home and we invite only 1 family as the chief guest for this party.  This year, our chief guest was their piano teacher, Mrs. Sandy Coutoumanos and her husband.  

During the end of school party, each one of them does a small presentation.  Arjun chose to play piano and read couple of poems and stories that he had written while Kabir chose to do a presentation on Mozart.  Then, one of us presents a summary of all that the boys accomplished this academic year.  This makes all of us realize how hard we have worked and how much we have learnt while having lots of fun.  Then we present the boys with a certificate and a paper graduation cap.  We absolutely love these parties!

Each boy was allowed to decide 3 items for the menu and here’s what they requested:

Arjun’s Requests

Smoothie: Strawberry, Banana, Orange Juice and Pineapple

Salad: Baby Spinach, Mango, Grape tomato, Pecan, Cranberry with Pesto dressing

Grilled Red Tomato with Oregano

Kabir’s Requests

Diploma Rolls: Prosciutto and Cheese

Homemade pizza

Fruit Cake: Mango, Kiwi and Blueberry


Amit and I are going to cherish these moments and I am sure that the boys are too!

4 thoughts on “End of School Party 2017”

  1. So proud of you guys! Love following you guys on social media and see how much you have grown! We sure miss you! Shruti, you are such an inspirations and your children and are such joy and the result of the love and effort you put into their education. Much love to all of you!

  2. Congrats Kabir and Arjun one more step up. May Hod bless you and it is all your hard work Shruti and Amit. Congratulation to both of you. Bye

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