Homeschool Days and Academy at Memphis Zoo

Boys love the homeschool days and academy at Memphis zoo.  In September, they attended 5-day homeschool academy at Memphis zoo.  Each day was a 4-hour class.  They learned a lot about animals and made friends.  Each class included animal visits, tours of exhibits, chats with keepers, crafts and more.  

Arjun and I have been studying animals at home.  For each of the animals we studied, he made a facts card.

In Memphis zoo, Arjun learned about 5 animal classifications and investigate how the different body coverings help each classification of animals to thrive.  At home, Arjun has been learning about animals in the science curriculum and so this fits perfectly with our 2nd grade science curriculum.


Kabir investigated how and why species become endangered and discovered what scientists, zoos and everyday people are doing to help conserve and protect them.  Kabir took his camera to the class and he took many photos.

They attended a homeschool day in October: They discovered how wildlife interacts with the majestic, and often dangerous Zambezi river.

They attended a homeschool day in November: Arjun dissected a starfish and Kabir dissected a water snake.


They attended a homeschool day in February: The theme was Expedition Rainforest Homeschool Day. Each of the classes started with reminders about biomes and adaptations before moving on to tropical rainforests. They discussed the layers of the rainforest and which animals can be found in each layer. They also talked about the importance of rainforests (including foods, medicines, biodiversity and oxygen!), why we are losing rainforests and what we can do to save them. Each class also got out and about to tour Primate Canyon. I hear that some groups were lucky enough to see the orangutan baby, Rowan, while others got quite a show from Rowan’s dad, Tombek, who was vocalizing for all to hear. Back in the classrooms, each group had animal visitors stop by. Kabir’s class met a dart frog and an armadillo. Arjun’s class met a rat and a tarantula.


They attended a homeschool dissection day in April: Kabir dissected a scorpion and Arjun dissected a squid.

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