Digestive System

Arjun and I read about the digestive system and we repeated the experiments Kabir had done when he was in 2nd grade.

We took graham crackers for the food, coke as digestive juice and water as saliva.

Then we crushed the graham crackers with fork being our teeth.

We had to add water (saliva) to make the bolus.

Then we added the bolus in the ziploc bag (stomach) and coke as the digestive juice.

Then we used muscle power to break down our food in the stomach.

It’s time for our food to go in the stocking representing small intestine.

We had to make some of the nutrients escape the small intestine.

Then we used paper towel to soak water out of large intestine.

Finally, it was time for the restroom.

Hope, this hands-on activity will stay with my boys forever.

Next, we used the blue yarn to get visual image of the length of some of the organs of our digestive system.

mouth (3 inches)
esophagus (10 inches)
stomach (6 inches)
small intestine (15 feet)
large intestine (4 feet)

Also, Arjun completed the puzzle below and discussed the digestive system with his father.

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