Children of the Sun

Kabir wrote a poem on the Solar system and then both Kabir and Arjun created illustrations with the help of Mrs. Vicki Farmer.  Here’s a little back-cover summary of the book.

Designed to introduce children to the solar system, this book attempts to teach facts about the planets around our sun, from Saturn’s Rings to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. However, in this case the story goes a step further. What if… every planet wasn’t just a sphere of rock or gas? If they each had personalities, what would they be like? Here is one artist’s attempt to represent their unique personalities, each with his or her own distinctive qualities and behaviors, through The Children of the Sun. Follow this poem through our solar system, and read for yourself these special virtues of each of the children of the Sun. At the same time, readers can learn scientific facts about the solar system. We hope that you may enjoy this poem, written and illustrated by children.

Please buy this book at (you should be able to find coupons).  It’s a 50-page full color book.  Here’s the Facebook page for Children of The Sun.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Here are a few interesting articles about the book:
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Below is the photo journal of our book readings:

Here’s the t-shirt that boys got made for book readings –



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  1. […] the lessons in ARTistic Pursuits Book 1. Arjun insisted on illustrating Kabir’s book “Children of The Sun.” So with help of Mrs. Vicki Farmer, he and Kabir illustrated the book. After publishing it, […]

  2. […] ARTistic Pursuits Book 1. Kabir and Arjun illustrated their book with help of Mrs. Vicki Farmer “Children of The Sun.” After publishing it, boys have been enjoying doing book readings at various venues. This book […]

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