National History Bee 2018

At the National level, Kabir has been placed 2nd. Here’s the pdf with the National History Bee score and ranking. Mrs. Morgan Ricks worked once a week for about 2 months with him. Both of them sat for 2-3 hours and just chatted about history. He enjoyed these chats so much. He worked hard and he has been rewarded. We are so happy for him.

Regional History Bee

In the qualifying exam for regional History Bee, Kabir scored 94%.  At the regionals, his score in the written exam was 100%.  In buzzer round 1, he scored 22 points and in the buzzer round 2, he scored 21 points out of maximum possible 25 points.  In the championship round, he was second.  Here’s the result.  Now, we can prepare for the National History Bee.  His performance and his knowledge of world and US history has made us proud!!!  By the way, he is eligible for Geography Olympiad too as he scored 92% in the qualifying exam.

Here’s a local newspaper article about the Kabir’s performance in History Bee: Daily Journal: Tupelo student finds joy in the past

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