Summary of Arjun’s 3rd Grade

Arjun has completed 3rd grade of our homeschool adventure. He has come a long way in all respects and we are so proud of him. He has become more organized and neat than ever before. He has become more conscientious of his workload and doesn’t need to be coaxed to get it done. However, I would love for him to develop the focus to do his best effort rather than just getting it done to cut it off the list of things to do. His personality has definitely blossomed for the better and yet, I would love for him to focus on controlling his anger and minding his tongue. Here’s a summary of all that we have achieved.

SaxonMath Homeschool 5/4
Life of Fred series – Completed Ice Cream
Mathological Liar Grade 3 & 4
Khan Academy Grade 4
The Abacus Institute of Mrs. Emily Zhang – Completed abacus curriculum. Currently working on Mental Math Grade 7, State Standardized Test TCAP Grade 5, and Challenging Word Problems Grade 3

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural – completed 2 chapters and will continue this book in grade 4

Computer Programming Courses Via CTY Online
Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering – Non-graded course but earned excellent evaluation
Scratch Programming for Elementary School Students – Earned A+
Advanced Scratch Programming – Earned A+

Bookshark Science Level 3
Lyrical Life Science Volume 1 & 2
TOPS Green Thumbs: Corn & Beans 39
TOPS Green Thumbs: Radishes 38
Janice VanCleave’s Oceans for Every Kid – completed 12 chapters and will continue this book in grade 4
Healthworks Homeschool Health & PE – 2 semesters of bi-monthly classes.
Memphis Zoo Homeschool Programs – 5 homeschool classes in Memphis Zoo which includes dissection of snail and mouse.

We did many experiments but a few are posted here: Features of Ocean Floor & Wave Viewer; Fungi and other Life Sciences; Cell Model.

Biography Fair: Researched and learnt about Rachel Carson and made biography bottle.

Arjun presented his science experiment about Cell Phone Radiation at the Region 7 MS Science and Engineering Lower Fair at Ole Miss. His project won 2nd place in the category of Physics and Astronomy and also, he was awarded 2nd place for best project in Class I (1 – 3rd grade).

Language Arts:
Bookshark Language Arts 3
Young Readers’ Series: Good Dogs via CTYOnline – Non-graded course but earned excellent evaluation
Daily Grams Grade 4
Easy Grammar Grade 4
Editor in Chief Beginning 2
Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4
Vocabulary Cartoons: Word Power Made Easy – completed half of the book and will continue this book in grade 4
Natural Speller – completed grade 4 list
Dictation from Lives of The Scientists: Experiments, Explosions (and What the Neighbors Thought) – completed half of the book and will continue this book in grade 4
Mrs Heather Tate continued to edit and guide all the compositions written by Arjun this academic year.
Arjun won 2nd place in poetry and 2nd place in the narrative category of Gum Tree Writing contest this year.

Bookshark Curriculum Level 3
Geography Fair – We participated in 3 geography fairs this academic year. Arjun studied and presented Ethiopia, Nepal and Ireland.

Bookshark Curriculum Read Aloud and Readers Level 3
Random House Book of Poetry for Children – Completed.
A Child’s Book of Poems by Gyo Fujikawa – We will complete this book in grade 4
Reading Fair – Arjun presented Marley: A Dog Like No Other.

Started a podcast of book reviews for some of the books from this list. iTunes link: Children Books Reviews

Prentice Hall Realidades 1 – one semester of weekly classes from Mrs. Maria Hernandez
Worked on improving his skill at website: Duolingo.

Completed Level 3 under the guidance of Mrs. Sandy Coutoumanos
National Federation of Music Clubs – Earned superior 4th Consecutive Year in Piano Solo Primary III; Earned Gold cup for Superior 3rd Consecutive Year in Musicianship Theory III
Mississippi Music Teachers Association Pre-College Finals – Earned  Gold medal for 1st place in Piano Solo Level 3

2 semester of art instructions at Party in the Art Room with Mrs. Amanda Koonlaba. He participated in Google for Doodle art contest.

We help the residents of Avonlea Assisted Living with art & craft. We visited them 10 times this academic year.

Field Trips: 
Education without field trips is incomplete. So, we travelled quite a bit including Honey Farm, Screen Printing Shop,

Arjun participated in 3 plays this academic year: Peter Pan, Elf Jr. and Madagascar.

Arjun swam twice a week this academic year. He participated in a meet once. Arjun has developed love for swimming this year and he would love to go to practice more often. So, Amit and I will have to figure it out and take him to practice more often.

Creativity: Arjun spends most of his free time creating stuff. I have photos of just few of them.


We have had a fabulous year and I am proud of Arjun both as a student and as a son! As always, there are loads of people that make our homeschool adventure a success. Amit is the backbone of our homeschool adventure. We thank everyone from bottom of our heart for all the support. We plan to work much harder for grade 4 and we look forward to next year with much enthusiasm.

End of School Party

We invited Mrs. Amanda Koonlaba and her two daughters for the end of school party. Boys made a movie in which they summarized their academic year. Arjun requested bean chili and corn-edamame succotash. Kabir requested for squash casserole and banana pudding. It was a fun and interesting end of school party!

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