Zoo and Cooking 2019-20

Arjun attended Memphis Zoo homeschool programs:

September, Marvelous Magnetism – Found iron in cereal, Electromagnet Experiment, Magnets and Iron filings: mapping magnetic fields, Tour of Tropical Birds

October, Chem-mystery – Participated with grades 5-8 – Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Shaving Cream Snow; Lemon Juice Invisible Ink Challenge; Water pH, salinity, and purity test; Tour of Herpetarium in Memphis Zoo

November: Participated with grades 5-8 – Frog Dissection

Local Kids Cooking Classes

Arjun participated in cooking classes for kids hosted by Cooking As A First Language. He learnt following recipes: Italian soda, pizza from scratch, and Italian wedding cookies

In December, he enjoyed participating in a Christkindlmarkt Class where kids learnt how to make tradition Christmas German market foods: Kinderpunsch (hot spiced punch), FruchtspieBe (fruit skewers dipped in chocolate) and Raclette Cheese Sandwiches (German grilled cheese with pickles and arugula)

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