Studying North Korea and South Korea

We have spent our second unit of grade 5 studying North Korea and South Korea. We read Korean History and Geography from the book: Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere by April Lotempio. Arjun created this short movie on Korean War using Scratch programming. There are no talks given by Shri Mataji in Korea and so, we read all the quotes where Shri Mataji has talked about Korea. To understand the culture in more depth we did the following:

We read following book: Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park. Arjun got inspired to make box kite after reading this book. Also, he pretended to be a reporter and wrote a news article based on Kite Fighters.

We watched following movies:

  • Last Princess on Amazon Prime
  • Crash Landing on You on Netflix (Arjun saw it intermittently but I was hooked to it.) This movie inspired us to try instant noodles.

We made following Korean food:


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