Science Fair 2021

Arjun’s science fair project this year was a prototype robotic rover that could detect wildfires. Since this year The University of Mississippi Science and Engineering Lower Fair Region VII was online, he made a video presentation and won first place in Robotics and Intelligent Machines under Class II (grades 4-6). Here is the announcement video to recognize participating students.


Arjun’s Science Fair Abstract: I wanted to develop a robotic system that would help detect bushfires before they reach a size which is hard to control, as it has multiple times in Australia. I built the robot’s frame, then added movement electronics, camera and IR sensor. Once this was done, I programmed the camera. I tested it on two different surfaces, and it was able to move easily, send live camera footage to a computer, and detect the presence of a lighted matchstick. Conclusively, a more advanced version of this prototype could be able to help firefighters detect wildfires when they are at a smaller size.

Arjun’s Video Presentation: Please view the presentation on Prototype of Robotic Rover That Can Detect Wildfires (Total time: 5:44 minutes).

Robot Prototype:

Profile View

Portrait View



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  1. Congratulations, Argun! And way to go Shruti for being such a diligent homeschool teacher. 🙂 I am always impressed the things you accomplish with your children. Well done! 🙂

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