Piano & Guitar 2021-22


Arjun is taking piano lessons from Lynda Chryst. He participated in the Dorothy Sutton Festival, receiving Superior+ score in both pieces and as a result, played for the recital showcase. He also participated in the Achievement Awards Audition, but received Superior+ in only one piece, therefore not qualifying for the recital showcase. He received Superior score in NFMC and a Top Tier Score in Piano Guild.

He has played the following pieces:

  • Danse Caprice by Timothy Brown
  • Sonatina in C, Andante by Theodore Latour
  • Sonata in C, Allegro by Wolfang A. Mozart
  • To a Wild Rose, by Edward MacDowell
  • Spring’s Return, by Jeanne Costello
  • Prelude in C, by Johannes Bach
  • Swirling Leaves, by Wyne-Anne Rossi

We have created a SoundCloud channel for Kabir and Arjun’s instrumental pieces.


Arjun has been taking guitar lessons from Miguel Czachowski at Nirmal Arts Academy in Italy for fall semester.

He has learnt the following pieces:

  • Soleares
  • Silent Night
  • Spring by Vivaldi

He has learnt/is learning the following pieces for an orchestral offering for Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Mataji, Mataji!
  • Shivoham (Atmaashtakam)

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