End of Arjun’s 6th Grade and Homeschool

It’s the end of a very precious, memorable and sweet journey and beginning of a new chapter in our lives in many ways. Arjun has completed 6th grade and this brings us to the end of our homeschool journey. We spent 6th grade in a small apartment and it was fun to be in a small space, in each other’s way. It was much needed for us. Soon, he will begin 7th grade in a new school: Stanford Online High School, and in a new home. We are very thankful to Shri Mataji for all the beautiful memories we have made and are enthusiastic to make new ones.  Also, this is the last post that I will write. So, this is also the end of blogging for me. Thank you!

Arjun has grown in this past year on many fronts. I am proud of all the progress he has made especially in his behavior and personality (although he needs to make more changes but that’s a constant process for each of us and it never ends in our lifetime). Interestingly, this academic year he has been most enthusiastic about art and cooking. Here’s the summary of Arjun’s 6th grade:



  • Completed BookShark Curriculum Level G Language Arts
  • Completed following workbooks: Easy Grammar: Plus; Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7; Daily Grams Grade 7
  • Continued weekly classes with Ms. Madeleine Porter via Zoom. They worked on editing Language Arts assignments, prompts and poems completed by Arjun.


  • Completed Grade 8 list from Natural Speller.


  • Completed SaxonMath 8/7 with Pre-algebra
  • Life of Fred: Decimals And Percents
  • Honors Algebra I via CTY Online – Grade: 97%
  • Algebra 1 Curriculum from The Abacus Institute: currently in Book III
  • Khan Academy Online: Completed Grade 6. Continuing with Algebra I.

History / Geography

  • Completed BookShark Curriculum Level G History.
  • Completed World History Detective: Ancient & Medieval Civilizations.
  • Completed Bookshark World History I Lapbook.
  • Completing Bookshark World History II Lapbook in the summer.
  • Completed Story of The World Volume 1, 2 and 3; finishing Volume 4


  • Completed BookShark Curriculum Level G Science and Level H Science.


  • Continuing classes at Homeschool Spanish Academy Online. Completed level 2B in the fall semester and currently on level 3A.


  • Continued piano with Ms. Lynda Chryst. Participated in Dorothy Sutton in October (received Superior), and Achievement Awards Audition (received Superior) in December. Participated in NFMC on April 2nd (received Superior for Piano Solo, American Patriotic Song, Theory Level 6), and Piano Guild in late May (received Top Tier Score in District Level).
  • Continued learning bhajans from Mrs. Archana Mayfield via Skype.
  • Continued flamenco/classical guitar from Mr. Miguel Czachowski at Nirmal Arts Academy.
  • Participated in Sahaj Orchestra offering for Shri Mataji’s birthday puja (Amazing Grace and Mataji, Mataji).


  • Participated in Blue Eagles Swim Team in the Teal level.


  • How To Draw Dogs Vol 1 – Pug, Collie, Labrador & Terrier.
  • Drawing Nature – Flowers and Rocks Edition
  • Colin Bradley School of Art courses in pastel medium

Field Trips

  • Stanford OHS Meetup at Jacobsburg State Park.
  • Mutter Museum in Philadelphia
  • Washington DC during Thanksgiving
  • California for Spring Break: Attended Birthday Puja seminar and Stanford OHS meetup at Capitola Beach. Also, drove the 17 mile drive.

Meditation and Pujas

  • Weekly morning meditation every Saturday from 8-10 AM.
  • Weekly children’s meditation: meditation and workshop led by children
  • Online Puja either hosted by us or LA Collective
  • Attended in-person seminar for Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja in California
  • Attended in-person collective Easter Puja in New Jersey
  • Attended in-person Sahasrara Puja seminar in Dharamshala

We will celebrate our end of homeschool journey with a trip to India and when we come back, we will be ready to move and begin a new life. Please wish us luck!


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