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$20 Grocery – May 2014

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

This weekend, $20 grocery project was very special for Kabir. This is because he went to Kroger with the help of his grandfather and made the dinner with the help of his grandmother. As Kabir had lost all his previous savings by taking us to a restaurant last month, he was very cautious with his money. He spent only $13.90. So, his savings is $6. He is thrilled to have $6 as savings.

He picked “spaghetti with herbs & garlic” from the book, “what shall we cook today?” I have to say that this is the best kids’ cook book I have come across. I love the recipes from this book. Out of 70 recipes in this book, Kabir has already tried 6 recipes in the last 5 months. Each one them have received 5 stars from him. So far, he has tried the following recipes from the book:

  • spaghetti with herbs & garlic
  • sticky toffee pudding
  • chocolate salami
  • oatie cookies
  • creamy pea soup
  • tomato pesto rolls

Amit is not really fond of spaghetti but this one changed his mind. It was just super-duper delicious! He also bought cookie dough ice-cream for dessert. He served us a satisfying and delicious meal!

Restaurant for Dinner

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Kabir has been saving some money each month when he does $20 grocery dinner for us. This evening, I asked him to take us to a restaurant and use his savings to order food. The idea was for him to figure out how to order food in a restaurant, to calculate the bill, to calculate the tip. It was fun! He did amazing job! Hopefully, he realized that eating out is more expensive than at home.

Here’s Kabir’s report for this little project:

“Today I decided to treat my family to a Thai restaurant using my savings. We forgot the bill, but we know that the food costed $31.55, and I gave $5.45 as tip, and I spent $37.00 ($31.55 + $5.45 = $37.00).

I bought Pad See Ewe, Pad Ki Mao, steamed Thai dumplings, Thai iced tea for my parents, and four waters. I was also going to get Hai Karo soup, but my parents said it was too much, so I canceled the soup.

Now, I have zero savings. Either I had made a mistake in one of my calculations, or I had lost some money. According to my previous calculations, I should have $41.97, but I had only $36.97. I learnt from this that you should make sure everything is correct before you spend the money.

While ordering the food, I felt a mixture of happiness, proudness, and nervousness.”

What Shall We Cook Today – $20 Grocery

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We bought a cook book for Kabir, “What Shall We Cook Today” and our aim is to cook all the recipes from this book at least once. The first recipe we tried was in January, when the three boys (Kabir, Arjun and Amit) made sticky toffee pudding for my birthday. They did such a wonderful job. It was absolutely delicious!!! They made me sit in the couch and read a book. They did everything by themselves. I was so tempted to help but they scolded me each time I tried to enter the kitchen or enquired if they need help. They did such an amazing job that I am so proud of all three of them!

After a long gap of two months, we returned to our $20 grocery project where Kabir has to buy grocery under $20 and make dinner for us. This time, he made dinner for 3 adults and 3 kids. We have a lovely lady with a very cute and adorable baby staying with us for this week. Even the toddler loved Kabir’s cooking! This month we chose two recipes from this book for his $20 project: tomato pesto rolls and creamy pea soup. In addition he served us cucumber and tomato salad. He wanted to buy grapes too but he couldn’t afford it and so we had to put it back. We spent $17.20. He bought all the ingredients except oil, spices, 1 egg and flour. The receipt we received from Kroger had printed only half vertically and so, he couldn’t tell the cost of each item he bought. He was disappointed but that’s all right. Adding his previous savings, he has $41.97. I think I’ll ask him to to take us to a restaurant once in the month of April and he will have to order food and pay tip using his savings $41.97. It will be fun.

$20 Grocery – December 2013

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

For the month of December, Kabir spent only $8.43 as he served us tilapia fish, salad and mashed potato for dinner. So, he has saved $11.57 this month. Adding his previous savings, he has $39.17. He might take us to a restaurant pretty soon!

He seasoned the fish with Old Bay seasoning and I grilled it for him. He scrubbed the potatoes and boiled it. Once cooled, he peeled it and mashed it up. Kabir is not fond of potatoes but he enjoyed this mashed potato as if there’s no tomorrow! I have never seen him enjoy mashed potato ever before! It’s amazing how much he enjoys the food when he is the cook. The salad was one of the salad kits he chose from Kroger. Kabir and Arjun finished the ice cream that Kabir had bought in August.

Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad

Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad

$20 Grocery – October 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Yesterday, Kabir decided to make egg casserole, a recipe from his favorite person, Ms. Catherine. He had enjoyed it so much when Catherine had made it for us during 4th of July celebrations that he still could taste it. So, he wanted to follow the recipe exactly. Also, he decided to make salad and for that he wanted to try his own recipe. For dessert, he served us honey dew melon and oreo cookies ‘n cream ice cream left over from last time.

The salad was really delicious and I was very impressed with him trying to make his own recipe. He made a list of ingredients before we went to Kroger. For salad, he used Italian seasoning and Greek dressing (we are studying Greece and so, our focus is on everything Greek). It turned out very delicious. The best part was how he presented the meal. He decorated the table and made it very special. When buying egg, I gave him the option of cheaper eggs or buying cage-free eggs. He did his maths and decided to go for cheaper eggs. He had a saving of $2.33. He has come a long way and this little project has helped him in different ways. We are going to try to keep it up.

Egg Casserole and Salad

Egg Casserole and Salad