$20 Grocery – December 2013

For the month of December, Kabir spent only $8.43 as he served us tilapia fish, salad and mashed potato for dinner. So, he has saved $11.57 this month. Adding his previous savings, he has $39.17. He might take us to a restaurant pretty soon!

He seasoned the fish with Old Bay seasoning and I grilled it for him. He scrubbed the potatoes and boiled it. Once cooled, he peeled it and mashed it up. Kabir is not fond of potatoes but he enjoyed this mashed potato as if there’s no tomorrow! I have never seen him enjoy mashed potato ever before! It’s amazing how much he enjoys the food when he is the cook. The salad was one of the salad kits he chose from Kroger. Kabir and Arjun finished the ice cream that Kabir had bought in August.

Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad
Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad

$20 Grocery – October 2013

Yesterday, Kabir decided to make egg casserole, a recipe from his favorite person, Ms. Catherine. He had enjoyed it so much when Catherine had made it for us during 4th of July celebrations that he still could taste it. So, he wanted to follow the recipe exactly. Also, he decided to make salad and for that he wanted to try his own recipe. For dessert, he served us honey dew melon and oreo cookies ‘n cream ice cream left over from last time.

The salad was really delicious and I was very impressed with him trying to make his own recipe. He made a list of ingredients before we went to Kroger. For salad, he used Italian seasoning and Greek dressing (we are studying Greece and so, our focus is on everything Greek). It turned out very delicious. The best part was how he presented the meal. He decorated the table and made it very special. When buying egg, I gave him the option of cheaper eggs or buying cage-free eggs. He did his maths and decided to go for cheaper eggs. He had a saving of $2.33. He has come a long way and this little project has helped him in different ways. We are going to try to keep it up.

Egg Casserole and Salad
Egg Casserole and Salad

$20 Grocery – August 2013

Kabir decided to make pulao (Indian rice with vegetables) and raita (yogurt with cucumbers and tomatoes) for our $20 dinner on Friday. This time, he had to provide dinner for 4 adults and 2 kids. So, we went shopping to Kroger!

He bought basmati rice, a bag of frozen vegetables, cucumbers, onion, tomato, yogurt, and peaches. He had $5.66 as change. So, we decided to go to Baskin Robbins and get a tub of cookies and cream ice cream for $5.46. At the end, he had $0.11 as saving. He plans to serve this ice cream as dessert for the $20 dinner for the month of September too! Adding previous savings, he has $15.27. I wonder what should we do with his savings. I am not sure.

At home, he added some oil and cumin seeds to our rice cooker. Then he added calculated amount of rice, frozen vegetables, water and salt and let it cook. Then he made raita by mixing yogurt, cucumbers, onion, tomato and salt. He made salad with the left over cucumber and tomato. His grandmother helped him. Our supper was ready in 30 minutes!

For those who are unfamiliar with this project, here’s the explanation. We started this once-a-month project where I give him $20 and he provides us dinner within that. It involves planning, listing ingredients, calculations, cooking, etc. So, this is a project where we try to use maths in practical life.

We enjoyed our dinner thoroughly as always!

$20 Grocery – July 2013

This afternoon, Kabir decided to serve us pressed toast (Indian style) and watermelon for lunch as a part of his $20 grocery project for the month of July. He bought 2 potatoes, 1 packet of frozen peas, 1 garlic, 1 onion, 1 loaf of white bread and watermelon. He spent $10.35 including tax. He saved $9.65. Adding to his previous balance, he has now saved $15.07.

Our lunch was delicious! Kabir worked hard as he scrubbed potatoes clean, boiled them and peeled hot potatoes. He even tried to cut potatoes and onions. He cut them in big pieces and then I chopped them smaller as much as I could. Then we made the filling of potatoes, onion, peas and garlic. Added Indian spices to the filling. Then Kabir buttered the bread, and stuffed it with the filling. Then I put it in pressed toaster and got it ready. Everything turned out delicious!!!

Pressed Toast and Watermelon
Pressed Toast and Watermelon

$20 Grocery – May 2013

This week, Kabir bought grocery for dinner for 6 people as his grandparents are here too. He spent $24.29. So, this time he had to tap into his previous savings. We started this once-a-month project in December. So, each month, he had spent less than $20 and so he had managed to save $9.71 over 5 months. Now, he has only $5.42 left. He served the following for dinner: baked potato (he is not a big fan of baked potatoes but since he made it he devoured it), asparagus, shrimps with cocktail sauce and grapes. He worked with his grandmother to prepare the meal. All of us really enjoyed the meal except Arjun as he doesn’t like baked potato at all. I’ll wait for the day when Arjun makes baked potato. I bet he will love it that day.

$20 Grocery - May
$20 Grocery – May