Pumpkin with Grandfather

Spontaneously, we have started a tradition since 2009 (when Kabir was 3). My kids decorate pumpkin every year with the help and guidance of their grandfather. It’s very interesting to watch them. Here are some of the photos that will always remind us of these beautiful moments.

Pumpkin 2011
Left and middle pumpkins are Kabir's and the right one has been decorated by Arjun in 2011
Pumpkin 2010
Kabir's pumpkin in 2010
Pumpkin 2009
Kabir and his grandfather decorating pumpkin in 2009

Sweaters by Grandma

My mother-in-law is a whiz in knitting sweaters with beautiful designs. I never dare to look closely at her needles while knitting as I might get dizzy because she is so fast. My kids enjoy wearing sweaters with pretty designs made by their grandmother. Here are a few photos of many sweaters she has made for them. Enjoy!

What to do with Kid’s arts and crafts?

As kids grow, the stack of art and craft grows too overwhelming. So, what to do with all the arts and crafts created by our little Picasso? I bet there is no parent who hasn’t come across this issue.

Some of my friends suggest that they stack them and then at the end of the year, they pick the best ones and trash the rest. I love this idea! One of my friends suggests taking photos of their art and craft and making a photo book. Brilliant idea!

Now, this is what I do. I take photos of all his decent artwork and add it to my blog. This way, I can go back and look at them whenever I want and enjoy them. I do look at them from time to time and I really do enjoy seeing them as I remember how we worked on them together. I save the ones he makes for me and my husband.

Now, I have a big conditioning against wasting paper. So, this is what I do. I get him to do crafts on cards, bookmarks and anything that can be used to give to our friends and family. I use cards for birthdays and thank-you notes. Especially, we make lots of decorated eggs during Easter and ornaments during Christmas for his friends and family. It gives us a purpose to do lots of arts and crafts during the year. Also, I don’t need to trash too much. Above all, I think it’s nice for friends and family to receive a handmade gift from a child. As per my guru, Shri Mataji, the art has the vibrations of its creator. Little children are so pure that anything created by them must have good vibrations and hopefully, anyone who receives a handmade gift from a child may feel the good vibrations and feel happy. There’s one more thing. Most of the time, kids are self centered. They know what they like, what they want and it’s hard for them to think sometimes what others would like. In fact, it’s sometimes hard for the adults, including me, too. Shri Mataji has said, “Giving has the greatest joy and pleasure.” I am hoping to instill this “joy of giving” and “thinking of others” in my kids by making them give handmade gifts to whoever they want. Hope, it works!

What are your ideas? What do you do with your kids’ arts and crafts?

Christmas in Our House

When my son turned 3 last year, we started the Christmas tradition of making ornaments and cookies together and distribute them to family and friends. This year Kabir made chocolate chip cookies almost by himself and we distributed those. All I did was bake them for him. Here are photos of the ornaments we made this year.

This year, Kabir got to assemble gingerbread house with his cousins. All of them had such a great time. Now, Christmas will end with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ by offering a prayer to Jesus Christ at home.