Recommended Children’s Books for 3 Year olds

My son is 3 year old and his favorite books are:

Meditation is a must for a child

When I was pregnant, my sister-in-law, Geetika, gave me the best advice. She told me that meditate when your child is awake and he will eventually meditate as well. I listened to her and every day I meditate with my son. It seems like a challenge to meditate with him but eventually meditation gets deeper and it is possible to not be bothered or distracted by external noises. Meditation helps me become a calmer and a balanced mother (most days!). This translates into a calmer and balanced child and a home. Also, every child loves to copy its parents. So, if a child watches us meditate, it will eventually copy us and hopefully, do even better than us.

As Shri Mataji explained to us, each child is born with a connection to the Divine power of love fully established. Each child is born innocent and pure. It is us, the parents who have problems on a subtle level and without being aware of them, we pass them on to our kids. The kids are like a clean white cloth and they absorb our stresses easily and the best way we can free them of these stresses is by creating a time for meditation every morning and evening, both for us and our kids.

My son and I sit for meditation (I follow Sahaja Yoga Meditation) in the morning and every evening we practice a technique known as foot-soaking while we meditate. For foot-soaking we put a teaspoon of kitchen salt into a little tub of lukewarm water (enough to soak the feet just above the ankle). I don’t know for certain if my son meditates or not, or whether he can feel any difference after doing it or not. I do know that he enjoys meditation time and that after meditation he is calmer and less hyper and a better listener. After meditation, there is more love and tranquility in our house. Therefore, it is very important for us to meditate. Meditation is one device that we can give to our child that will help him to become a better person and a device that will help him to overcome the stresses and obstacles in life. A natural and innate spirituality is the best gift we can give to our progeny. Without spirituality it’s like raising a kid without any nourishment for his heart and soul.

Places to visit with your toddler

We moved to Tupelo, MS in 2007 and we discovered following places that my son loves visiting:

  • Aquarium in Atlanta – My entire family enjoyed the aquarium thoroughly.
  • Avent Park in Oxford, MS. The playground is unique and built by community. It has monopoly table to play monopoly with sticks, leaves, acorns and so on. It has tyre swing, wooden piano and much more.
  • Ballard Park in Tupelo – It has two playgrounds. My son loves to feed the ducks, ride a bike, go for picnics and sometimes we take books to the park and read.
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My toddler’s Favorite books

My son is 2 year old and his favorite books are:





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Activities for toddler

Here are few activities that are favorites of my toddler. I got the ideas for these activities over the Internet, from my friends and children’s museum. I hope you will find them useful.

  • Stickers

    Materials Needed: Stickers, 10 sheets of Paper and Crayons
    On each sheet of paper write a number 1-10. Ask your toddler to stick 1 sticker on the paper with digit 1 and 2 stickers on paper with digit 2 and so on. We started this when my son was 2 and now by the age of 3, he has reached to the number 33.

  • Reading Books

    This is one of the favorite activities. There is a glitter in my son’s eyes as soon as I suggest that I will read to him. We get lot of books from the library.

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