Lego Tupelo – Lego Club January 2015

Today, we had about 18 children at the Lego Club meeting.  Today’s quest was to recreate Tupelo out of Lego.  We made road with masking tape on the carpet.  Kids made all sorts of landmarks in Tupelo – some were real and some were imaginary.  They made library, gun shop, airports, factory, mirror maze, movie theaters, football field, park, random buildings, houses, towers, train, telescope, robot zoo, lab fortress, car wash and so much more.  It was fun!

Thanksgiving – Lego Club November 2014

This month, our Lego quest was inspired by Thanksgiving.  Kids did an amazing job.  Special thanks to John Gannon Cox for coming as Lego man. He designed his costume himself. What an entrepreneur and how innovative! Thank you, John Gannon!

Lego Man
Lego Man

Here is what kids created:

Board Game – Lego Quest October 2014

I am behind with my posts.  Our Lego quest for the month of October was to create a board game with Legos.  Kids did great job.  The best part of this quest was when few kids stayed back for about an hour or so and played couple of board games they had created.  It made it all worth while.  It’s almost time for our November quest!

Comic Strip – Lego Club September 2014

This month’s Lego quest was inspired by one of the creations of John Gannon.  He made a comic strip for Lego fair.  Basically, he made different scenes to tell a short story.  I loved the idea so much that today we divided the kids in groups to let them create a story and use Legos to tell their story.  Everyone did amazing job.


Lego Club – August 2014

Today we met at the library for Lego Club.  There were 19 kids who participated.  Today’s quest was to create functional household Lego items.  Here are the photos of kids’ creations: