Lego Club – March 2013

We had a smaller group this March for Lego Club. Our quest was to build anything as high as we can (Maximum Height) and then measure the height. It’s so enlightening to see how the kids interpret the quest and they didn’t worry so much about the height as much as enjoying the process of making it. They were confident about what they were making. They were excited and proud of what they were making. We have so much to learn from these little kids. Their creations are emitting joy because the process of making it so joyful.

Lego Club – February 2013

This month’s challenge was to create anything you want with 2 cups of random bricks. Nobody was allowed to choose. It was interesting what each one came up with. Here’s the original Lego quest. Enjoy the photos of Lego creations with 2 cups of random bricks.

Lego Club – January 2013

We met with 6 kids this Saturday for our Lego Club. This month’s task was to create a tool. The quest was inspired by Lego Quest #5. We really enjoyed. This is turning out to be a fun club that is really easy to manage. Above all, it is like a breath of fresh air to see the creativity of little kids.

Lego Club

Today was our first meeting of our little Lego Club. There were 5 kids and my 2 year old tagged along. Actually, the get-together was fun and easy! All of us enjoyed it! We plan to meet once a month. The first quest for the kids was to build a bridge. I got the idea from Lego Quest Kids.

Here are the photos of their creations:

Lego Challenge

Kabir loves lego and this summer we discovered Lego Quest – the website with monthly non-competitive challenges for homeschool kids. We waited patiently for September and then we participated in September lego challenge and we were thrilled. Unfortunately, October lego challenge was the last one. I wish there was another website like lego quest. I searched but couldn’t find any. We are sad about it closing down even though we completely understand the reasons.

I am toying with the ideas proposed by Sam, the owner of Lego Quest, during the final challenge. I might just create a small Lego Club for Kids and take advantage of all the quests listed on Lego Quest website. Let’s see if it works out!

Kabir’s creation for September Lego Challenge based on Olympic event

Kabir’s creation of Maze for October Lego Challenge