Solar System Model – Science Project

We had to make a model of solar system as soon as we finished reading about it. We did watch an episode of Magic School Bus concerning solar system. However, we didn’t have time to make a model and so, we had to wait. My kids have been after my life. I have threatened them enough for a week saying that if you don’t listen to me we are not making the solar system model. Finally, I had to give in and just get it done tonight!

My friend, Sunita Prasad had given a beautiful, colorful clay kit to my kids. That clay was just right and just enough to make two models of solar system. We used the online guidance for our solar system project.

Earth Day and Peak Science Fair 2014

Today, we celebrated Earth Day with our Peak homeschool friends by participating in Peak Science Fair 2014. Both of my kids had a blast. In the late afternoon, we visited Brown Family Dairy Farm!

For science project, Arjun learnt what type of food belong to which food group. He has been very excited and he will point out to food on his plate everyday and inform us about the different food group each belongs to. However, he refused to do the presentation. I did it for him. He had a blast and he was thrilled to receive the medallion from Ms. Paula Cox and a certificate from Ms. Megan Ratts.

Arjun's Food Group Project
Arjun’s Food Group Project

Kabir’s science project was titled “Rethink Your Drink”. He chose a few common drinks (Water, CapriSun Lemonade, CapriSun Punch, Vitamin Water, Powerade, Sprite, Code, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Mountain Dew, Snapple) and calculated how much sugar cubes each of those drinks had. Then he was very happy to learn that after water, CapriSun Lemonade and Punch has the least amount of sugar cubes. Surprisingly, Snapple had the maximum amount of sugar cubes. Then, we learnt about High Fructose Corn Syrup and how CapriSun Lemonade and Punch is actually not good for us. Snapple had the maximum sugar cubes but it was the only drink from the chosen ones that didn’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup. After this project, Kabir has managed to say NO to CapriSun (his favorite drink) Lemonade and Punch a few times. So, the project was worth it!!!

In addition, we created a game of Source (releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) or Sink (absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) for all the children. Kabir took all the photos and then we figured if it was source or sink. This game was inspired by the one in San Diego Birch Aquarium. We enjoyed doing this.


Paula Cox and Megan Ratts were very kind to award the kids with a medallion and a certificate.

Certificates and medallions for Kabir and Arjun
Certificates and medallions for Kabir and Arjun

Here is a visual journey of our trip to Brown family dairy farm.

Stalactites and Stalagmites – Science Experiment

Kabir and I studied about stalactites and stalagmites and then, we found an experiment online where we can grow our own stalactites and stalagmites.

So, we took a wool yarn, folded and twisted it to make it thick and appropriate length. Then we tied magnet on both the ends. We took two empty jars, filled them with warm water and then saturated them with baking soda. Also, we added food coloring. Then we left it alone for two months. It was very fascinating to see the growth at the end of two months. Unfortunately, the photos I had taken at the end of two months were deleted by mistake. However here is one photo that was taken when we set up the experiment and a couple that were taken after a few weeks.

Eggs and Brine Shrimps – Science Experiment

Kabir had received “Young Scientist Series – Set 10: Seeds, Fruits, and other Plant Parts (Kit 28) – Eggs (Kit 29) – Owls (Kit 30)” for his birthday. We worked with owl pellets in October. This January, we worked with Eggs and Brine Shrimps.

At first, Amit and Kabir worked with eggs.

Then, they created the habitat for brine shrimp.

Kabir has been blowing air 3 times a day for the brine shrimps for about a month. Our brine shrimps hatched from eggs and became adults. As adults, they are so small that I couldn’t take any decent photo. We fed them yeast paste as food twice a week. Now, we have passed on our brine shrimps to his friend to enjoy!

Weather – Science

We read a book about weather. Then, we made a list of things we should do in case of a Tornado as we live in Mississippi. Kabir noted down the types of cloud he saw for 3 consecutive days. Also, both the kids made a picture of sky with different kinds of weather.

The culmination to studying weather was a presentation by Mr. Bob Swanson. He was amazing.

He sang weather songs. He sang songs with all the states and their capitals in alphabetical order. He played guitar, banjo, harmonica, and accordion.

He explained how pressure works and showed us what it implies on the weather map. He did a few experiments to show us the effect of pressure.

He showed us how tornado and whirlpool is created.

He showed us different kind of thermometers, hot air weather balloon, and the weather instrument used on land.

He was just amazing! We enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot about weather!