Summary of Arjun’s 3rd Grade

Arjun has completed 3rd grade of our homeschool adventure. He has come a long way in all respects and we are so proud of him. He has become more organized and neat than ever before. He has become more conscientious of his workload and doesn’t need to be coaxed to get it done. However, I would love for him to develop the focus to do his best effort rather than just getting it done to cut it off the list of things to do. His personality has definitely blossomed for the better and yet, I would love for him to focus on controlling his anger and minding his tongue. Here’s a summary of all that we have achieved.

SaxonMath Homeschool 5/4
Life of Fred series – Completed Ice Cream
Mathological Liar Grade 3 & 4
Khan Academy Grade 4
The Abacus Institute of Mrs. Emily Zhang – Completed abacus curriculum. Currently working on Mental Math Grade 7, State Standardized Test TCAP Grade 5, and Challenging Word Problems Grade 3

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural – completed 2 chapters and will continue this book in grade 4

Computer Programming Courses Via CTY Online
Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering – Non-graded course but earned excellent evaluation
Scratch Programming for Elementary School Students – Earned A+
Advanced Scratch Programming – Earned A+

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Cell Phone Radiation – Science Fair 2019

Arjun’s experiment was about Cell Phone Radiation. The question was: What is the effect of different variables in the amount of electromagnetic radiation received from cellular phones? The different variables he tested were: usage types, distance, shielding and device model. We rented the RF meter from an online hobby store.

His conclusions were:
Usage Type (video streaming, texting, calling with and without speaker) 
Maximum Radiation: Video Streaming
Minimum Radiation: Texting
Calling with speaker released more radiation than without speaker.

Distance (0cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm)
The farther the device was, the less radiation was received.

Shielding (plastic cover, tin box, aluminum foil)
Maximum Radiation: Plastic Cover
Minimum Radiation: Tin Box

Device Model (iPhone 4, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone X)
The newer the model the more radiation was emitted from the cell phone.
Maximum Radiation: IPhone X (Newest Model)
Minimum Radiation: IPhone 4 (Oldest Model)

Lesson: Through this experiment he learnt that a cellular phone should be kept as far away as possible from the user even though that means the speaker needs to be on. He wishes he had tested Bluetooth too, so that we could have known if a Bluetooth emits less radiation than the speaker on at a distance. Also, a shielding should be used. He also would recommend cellular phone companies to think about the safeguards from the radiation level as they create newer models with more technology.

Arjun presented his science experiment at the Region 7 MS Science and Engineering Lower Fair at Ole Miss. His project won 2nd place in the category of Physics and Astronomy and also, he was awarded 2nd place for best project in Class I (1 – 3rd grade).

Features of The Ocean Floor & Wave Viewer

Arjun and I studied the features of ocean floor such as continental shelf, rift valley, oceanic ridge, etc.  So he made a model to test his knowledge after studying.

We also learnt about waves. So, Arjun made a wave viewer to show the current of the wave at its crest and trough.