Three Weeks in October

Three weeks in October by Charles Moose and Charles Fleming is the first book I read that takes me inside the life of a police officer and inside a police department. Also, I do remember the terror caused by the sniper but I didn’t know the details. Hence it was interesting for me to read what the police did in this case. Another interesting aspect of this book is that Charles Moose is African American and hence gave me a glimpse into how it feels to be African American police officer.

It was a very interesting book unlike any I have read so far. We do have to consider that this book is just one side of the story even though it is a very interesting side of the story.

Native Son

Teacher Man: A MemoirNative SonNative Son by Richard Wright is a very interesting novel. It’s a story of Bigger Thomas – a very competent black boy raised right by his mother despite of extreme poverty during 1940’s in Chicago. Lack of opportunity and prejudice of being black makes him very weak in heart. He cannot rise above the vicious circle of self pity and insecurity and this is what makes him commit crimes. This book gave me a perspective of why and how abused people can get tangled in the clutches of violence and crime.

The Help

The HelpThe HelpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett is one of those books that I couldn’t put down until I finished it and also, it forced me to introspect. I live in Mississippi and so, this book gave me further insight about the background of this State. I am sure that if Hollywood makes a move of this book, it will be a hit.

Also, it forced me to think about the maid servants in India. I suspect that the treatment of maid servants in many of the households in India is no better even though it isn’t because of the skin color but just because they are poor. It will be very interesting if an author in India can duplicate the idea of Ms. Skeeter, i.e., collection of interviews of maid servants of the upper middle class and rich of India. I will definitely read that book especially because I grew up in a household where we do have maid-servants and I will be interested to find out their perspective. I wonder how I treated them.

Black Boy (P.S.)

A Black Boy (P.S.)Black Boy (P.S.) by Richard Wright is a book that I couldn’t put down until I finished reading it. The most amazing part for me was how Richard had developed wisdom, discretion and self esteem despite of his very tough childhood.

Richard rose above his circumstances and made himself better off. That’s inspiring. This book gave me a new insight into the issues of the slavery and communism in the United States. Anyone who is interested in African American history must read this book.

A Father’s Law (P.S.)

A Father’s Law (P.S.)I love the writing style of Richard Wright. A Father’s Law (P.S.)A Father's Law (P.S.) is an unfinished novel and that makes it so much more interesting as so many questions and scenarios are left for us to wonder about.

The psychology behind a murder is very interesting to me. Also, the father and son’s relationship is very interesting. It gives me an insight into the mind of the youth. I should read this novel again when my son is a teenager. It might help me be a more understanding mother. I am tempted to read other novels by Richard Wright.