Magic Tree House

Magic Tree HouseMy son, Kabir, got his first Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborne for his 4th Birthday from his Ritu Chachi. Now, both of us have joined the Magic Tree House cult. I have read to him Magic Tree House books # 1-8 twice. We completed book #9 yesterday. Tonight we are going to start book# 10. We read at least 1 chapter at bedtime. When he asks Amit to read it to him, I get upset because I want to read it. So, he says, “Mama, you can read it to me again. I would love to listen second time too.” So, I am relieved.

Sometimes at quiet time, I find him trying to read the Magic Tree House books himself or pretending to be Jack or Anne (two main characters in the book). It is just so cute. Both of us are completely and madly hooked to the series. Also, we have been marking all the places that Jack and Anne visit in the map. It’s a great series that I recommend for young kids.

3 Year old Preschool Curriculum for my son

My son is being home schooled right now. He is three and a half years old and his curriculum includes the following.

Reading Books: I love Sonlight P3/P4 curriculum as we are reading quality books and also, we do some of the suggested optional activities for each book in the reading list. We read Nursery Rhymes once a week. We participate in a book club once a week.

Activity Books: I have him working on 5-6 types of activity books at a time. I let my son do a page from each in a day. I like Kumon and BrainQuest Activity books. I have following types of activity books that he has been working on: dot-to-dot, mazes, tracing, cutting, folding, coloring, thinking skills, sticker books, and so on. We do these 3 days a week.

Reading Lesson: We are working with “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons“. Teaching my son to read has been a cake-walk because of this book so far. The best part is that he is enjoying it thoroughly. Continue reading 3 Year old Preschool Curriculum for my son

Recommended Children’s Books for 3 Year olds

My son is 3 year old and his favorite books are:

My toddler’s Favorite books

My son is 2 year old and his favorite books are:





Continue reading My toddler’s Favorite books

In God’s Name

In God’s Name is a children’s book. When I read it I felt that this is what adults need to read especially in today’s environment where religion has taken a center stage in politics and an individual’s life.

It reminded me of the following story. There are many ants around an elephant. As ants are so tiny in front of the elephant, none of them can see the elephant as a whole. So, each one describes a part of the elephant as one sees. Each one is right and yet not. I feel that this is exactly the situation with humanity. Continue reading In God’s Name