China Study

Boys completed the fact sheets for China and then, updated the graphs.  Kabir has no space left in the religion graph and so, he did not update the religion graph.  He helped Arjun update his religion graph.  However, Kabir did update the population graph.

They made a 3D model of China with clay.  This time boys worked together (at least tried to!).  This was so worth it as we learnt a lot by doing this project.  The boys did this project by themselves.  I helped them only when they got stuck and also, I made sure that they got it right.


Arjun did a presentation on Ancient Chinese Inventions.  We read Magic Tree House #14, “The Day of The Dragon-King” and the fact tracker #31, “China: Land of the Emperor’s Great Wall”.  The fact tracker really helped us a lot.


Kabir did a PowerPoint presentation on the Abacus.  Both boys learn to use Abacus and they love it.  If you wish to download the PowerPoint presentation, then here it is: Abacus.  Kabir wore the Mandarin hat with braid while presenting.


This morning we met for the presentations.  We had only 4 kids that did present.  I made spring rolls.  Other homeschoolers made egg rolls, fried rice, and rice with tofu and vegetables.  Everything was so delicious.  It was very interesting that we had the presentation in the library where they have a statue of Guanyin – the Chinese Goddess of Mercy.

After the presentations, we took the kids to the park.  I did update the kids’ pretend passports with China sticker.  Now, Kabir has 12 country stickers in his passport while Arjun has 6 country stickers.


Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Snow Flower and the Secret FanI just couldn’t put down Snow Flower and the Secret FanSnow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I read this book in three days. Chinese domestic life in nineteenth century is so intriguing. I thank God that I didn’t have to bear the torment of footbinding. Also, the concept of laotong is interesting. All of us need a friend who is like a sister or a brother and with whom we can share most of our inner thoughts.

Although the story is set in the nineteenth century China, it seems to be an in-depth inspection of the temperament of all women in general. I think I’m kind of like Lily and so, it was interesting for me to learn about her shortcomings. It led me to introspect. The history of nu shu (“women’s writing”) is enchanting.

The Good Earth

Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Good EarthThe Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck is an attention-grabbing story. The ordinary life of a farmer in China and his selfless wife is in fact a poignant story. Their journey from poverty to affluence is creditable. More than that, their conduct during famine and then as wealthy is an interesting study of human behavior. His wife, O-lan portrays all the characteristics of a “Lakshmi” as we would say in India.

It was interesting to make a note of the Chinese culture with respect to arranged marriage, dowry, New Year celebrations, mourning of dead and celebration of birth. This was my first trip to China via this book and I enjoyed it.