National History Bee 2018

At the National level, Kabir has been placed 2nd. Here’s the pdf with the National History Bee score and ranking. Mrs. Morgan Ricks worked once a week for about 2 months with him. Both of them sat for 2-3 hours and just chatted about history. He enjoyed these chats so much. He worked hard and he has been rewarded. We are so happy for him.

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Downtown Tupelo History Walking Tour

Mr. Boyd from Oren Dunn City Museum was our history guide in downtown Tupelo on September 6.  We walked with him while he took us back in time.  It was enchanting to know how a part of the downtown has changed and yet, some of it hasn’t.  Each kid was encouraged to take photos.

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National History Bee

Sometimes we happen to be walking on a path that leads us to certain destination without realizing.  That’s exactly what happened to us.  

Roan Johnson introduced us to homeschool and Sonlight curriculum which has lot of emphasis on history.  Ritu Gupta introduced us to Magic Tree House series when Kabir turned 4.  Hence, Kabir started getting a strong foundation in both US and World history.  Then, we found out about National History Bee during Fall 2016.  It’s usually difficult to register for a competition if you homeschool in rural US and are not a member of a big homeschool association and local public schools are not willing to help you.  However, it was super-easy to register for History Bee competition (free for homeschoolers).  Kabir took the qualification exam just to have fun without any preparation.  He qualified for Regionals!  He prepared for it by listening to Story of the World Vol. 1-4, doing some past History Bee Q&A and learning US and World history at Khan Academy.  While preparing he had fun making paper cranes.  He really enjoyed!

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Studying India

Kabir and Arjun have been studying India.  They talked about India and represented India during the Celebration of Cultures event at Oren Dunn Museum in the month of September.  In November, they did a presentation for a few homeschoolers.

Kabir has read the book “Illustrated History of India” by Wilco second time.  Based on his research along with his friends he blogged on various topics from this book.  I am reading this book with Arjun and we are almost done.  Boys represented India during the Celebrations of Cultures event at Oren Dunn Museum in the month of September

In November, both boys presented India to a small group of homeschoolers.  Arjun created a PowerPoint presentation on India for homeschoolers.  Here is a video of Arjun presenting India (6:54 minutes).  Kabir created a movie based on our trip to India.  The movie India 2016 is 16:31 minutes long.  Overall, they have a learnt a lot about India and are proud to have Indian heritage!