Cooking 2020

Arjun started 2020 with a zest for cooking. He cooked everything on his own and we really enjoyed the food and the calories!!! Here’s the photo journal of all the yummy food he cooked (we forgot to take photos for some as we were too impatient to eat.)

Summary of Arjun’s 3rd Grade

Arjun has completed 3rd grade of our homeschool adventure. He has come a long way in all respects and we are so proud of him. He has become more organized and neat than ever before. He has become more conscientious of his workload and doesn’t need to be coaxed to get it done. However, I would love for him to develop the focus to do his best effort rather than just getting it done to cut it off the list of things to do. His personality has definitely blossomed for the better and yet, I would love for him to focus on controlling his anger and minding his tongue. Here’s a summary of all that we have achieved.

SaxonMath Homeschool 5/4
Life of Fred series – Completed Ice Cream
Mathological Liar Grade 3 & 4
Khan Academy Grade 4
The Abacus Institute of Mrs. Emily Zhang – Completed abacus curriculum. Currently working on Mental Math Grade 7, State Standardized Test TCAP Grade 5, and Challenging Word Problems Grade 3

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural – completed 2 chapters and will continue this book in grade 4

Computer Programming Courses Via CTY Online
Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering – Non-graded course but earned excellent evaluation
Scratch Programming for Elementary School Students – Earned A+
Advanced Scratch Programming – Earned A+

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Features of The Ocean Floor & Wave Viewer

Arjun and I studied the features of ocean floor such as continental shelf, rift valley, oceanic ridge, etc.  So he made a model to test his knowledge after studying.

We also learnt about waves. So, Arjun made a wave viewer to show the current of the wave at its crest and trough.