Competitive Competition

Is competitive competition good for kids or is it bad? This is the question I have struggled with as a mother. Personally, competition has always made me hurt in my stomach and taken away the ability to think and stay calm. Personally, I gave it the power to pass judgement on my capability. So, it has always been bad for me. But, what about my kids? Should I shield them from the monster named “competition” or should I teach them to embrace it and make it a learning tool? I don’t know the answer.

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End and Start of School Party 2018

In July, we celebrated end of school with a Puja thanking the Divine and a small party at home. Our guest for this party was Mrs. Morgan Kramer and Mr. Brian Kramer. Boys showed off their achievements and Amit bragged upon all we did during the school year. Also, boys presented the story of Rani Lakshmibai – Jhansi ki Rani with some acting. The menu for the party was biryani, raita, seekh kabab, cheese stuffed chillies, and kulfi. We really enjoyed the party and it’s a very important part of each of our homeschool year.  Mrs. Morgan Kramer presented the certificates to Kabir and Arjun for completing 6th grade and 2nd grade respectively.  We had so much fun at the party that we completely forgot about photos 🙁

In August, we followed our tradition of starting a new school year with a small Saraswati Puja. On the first day of school, boys get their favorite breakfast: crepes.  This year, Kabir had to start class at 8 am.  So, we had to get done with breakfast by 7:30 am.  We managed and we had a wonderful start of the school!  Looking forward to lot of learning, fun and adventures!!!

Summary of Kabir’s Sixth Grade

This winter, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Oxford, MS. At the end of our meal we got fortune cookies. The fortune in Kabir’s cookie was: “You will win big and loose small ones.” We laughed but it stayed in the back of our mind. This fortune came true! This year, Kabir has been blessed with big achievements. This year, he completes his journey of homeschool and embarks on a new journey – Kabir has been accepted at Stanford Online High School. He will start at 7th grade over there. This year, he won 2nd place in National History Bee. This year, he won first place in Regional Science Fair and his project has been nominated for Broadcom Masters. This year, his and Architesh Prasad’s documentary, “An American Right Not Used Enough,” won honorable mention in C-Span’s StudentCam (only ones from MS). This year, he published a children’s book that he loves: Children of the Sun. Indeed, he was blessed with big winnings!

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Summary of Arjun’s Second Grade

Arjun has completed 2nd grade. He has come a long way this school year. Finally, he loves to read. Math comes naturally to him and he has a flair towards science. Watching Kabir’s preparation and participation in National history bee, has piqued his interest in history. He experiences inertia in starting to write a composition but once he gets to a point where it seems that he has an idea (with some coaxing and/or incentives), he relaxes and starts enjoying. He gets flustered when he doesn’t get things right away. His instinct is to create a mental block and give up. So, he still needs to learn to stop panicking, relax and then try. We are working on this. Also, his behavior has gained some maturity this school year. He is super excited and really looking forward to 3rd grade especially because he is aware that I’ll be spending much more time with him now as I’m free from homeschooling Kabir. 

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