Kabir’s Artwork 2011

I try to do some artwork with kids once a week. These photos will always remind me the precious times with my kids (even though it can be pretty stressful during the artwork). Here are the photos of Kabir’s artwork in 2011.

Time is flying away

Kabir started kindergarten in October after his grandparents went back to India. We completed two weeks of school and then we went to Disney World and it was indeed magical. Arjun (21 month old) can’t talk much but he has learnt to recognize and say “Mickey”. The trip was really worth it even though it was super-exhausting by the end.

Arjun enjoying the ride
Arjun enjoying the ride
Kabir dancing with Goofy
Kabir dancing with Goofy

Then we came back and we have finally completed two more weeks of school.

Last Saturday, Kabir and his dad went for a night camp in Memphis zoo. They had a great time. The highlights were patting a python, going on a safari in dark, watching Finding Nemo and eating popcorn and lemonade before bedtime. They camped in a cozy room in the zoo and not outdoors!

Kabir at night camp in Memphis zoo
Kabir at night camp in Memphis zoo

On Wednesday, we had a Roman party at home. We were reading about Ancient Romans. So, I took a pillow cover and made a tunic for Kabir. He enjoyed wearing it. Then I, the slave, served him (rich Roman) three-course Roman meal. He chose to be a rich Roman because poor Romans only ate bread and porridge. He ate all the food while lying down as the ancient Romans do. In the end, he said, “Mama, my tummy hurts because I am lying down while eating but I am still going to finish my dinner like this.” Arjun looked really puzzled at his brother and was itching to get out of his high-chair. Then, Kabir tried to burp as he wanted to be a polite Roman but he apologized as he couldn’t. He enjoyed it when I brought him a bowl of water to wash his hands. It was really fun. Roman bread pudding was the best part. It is bread soaked in milk and then fried and served with honey. Arjun loved it too!

Kabir as a Roman boy
Kabir as a Roman boy

Now, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. The cousins are coming over and Kabir is super excited with all the plans and ideas for them.

Time is indeed flying away…

Penmanship is important!

I belong to old school where we think that grammar (even though my grammar is not up to the par and hence I feel more strongly that it’s important) and penmanship is important and should be one of the priorities in early education.

Technology is evolving at a speed of light and it is wonderful. I love it but I do feel that elementary and middle school students should use it for a limited time during the day and it should not be introduced too early in a child’s life! I am of the opinion that creative writing needs to be done with pencil or pen on a paper at elementary level. Also, I fail to appreciate “texting language” when used anywhere other than texting, such as in an email or a posting on facebook. To me, it seems that the writing loses its soul. Writing a letter using a pen/pencil on a paper has its own charm. Moreover, I fear that slowly we will lose the art of writing. Here’s my own example: I am born and brought up in India and studied how to read and write Hindi for about 12 years in school. I moved to US in 1999 and since then I haven’t used Hindi at all. I haven’t written anything in Hindi and I haven’t read anything in Hindi. Today, I’ll be scared to write even one sentence in Hindi. I have lost it. Here’s my husband’s example: When I met him, his handwriting was more beautiful than mine and I could read whatever he wrote very easily. Since a few years, he either dictates or types his notes. Now, his handwriting is not only worst than mine but I can’t decipher a word he writes. I hope you get the point.

So, I make my son, Kabir, practice handwriting. My friend, Sheila, introduced me to the following website (I love this website!) where you can create worksheets for your kid: ESL Writing Wizard

I have created worksheets for my son and used quotes from Shri Mataji (hoping that he will remember these quotes that might come in handy to him in his life). Here are the links to those worksheets. I hope it’s helpful!















My short experience with Homeschool

When I first heard of homeschool, I completely discarded the idea. I assumed that I need to send my kid to a preschool as soon as possible. Then my husband and I met Roan Johnson and her kids struck us as unique. So, we spoke to her. We loved her reasons for homeschooling. I loved the idea that I can just keep my child home and enjoy him and bond with him by learning together. I had never thought of this before. As soon as I heard this, my heart yearned to enjoy him and soak in the bliss of watching him learn. This idea was so unique, exciting and attractive for me. Although, we did worry that he might suffer in the area of social development. Still we wanted to give it a try as I was lucky because I can be a stay-at-home mom. The best part was that we are not obligated and do not plan to homeschool him for his entire school life. So, there is no pressure at all! We are going to take just one year at a time and see what works for us. My husband was not only supportive but encouraging. So, we gave it a try and it is working for us!

I started with doing preschool activities with him and called it school time. I was having lots of fun with him and he was learning on his own. Both of us used to look forward to the school time. School time became our favorite time of the day and his curiosity to learn got deeper and deeper. There were days when we clashed and it ended in tears. There were days when I was too tired and felt that I need help. Yet, the joy and fun on most of the days outweighed the bad days overwhelmingly. The pride in seeing him learn was too sweet and delicious! So, we just continued with it until he was 4 years old. As far as social development is concerned, we made sure that he attends different classes such as music class, gym class, play-dates and so on. When I first left him alone for a music class as soon as he was about to turn 4, he was so excited that he wanted me to leave him outside the class (of course, I didn’t). Continue reading My short experience with Homeschool