Studying Japan

We are studying Japan after completing North and South Korea as part of Unit 2 of our academic year. We studied Japanese history and geography from the book: Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere by April Lotempio. To understand the culture in more depth we did the following:

We listened to following talks of Shri Mataji:

  • 1995-0301 Arrival and Talk, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1994-0418 Public Program, Tokyo, Japan

We read following books: 

Arjun created following haiku titled “Global Warming”:
Carbon increases,
Hurricanes, fires, whirlwinds rage;
Still slaves of money.

We saw following movies:

  • Tuna Girl on Netflix
  • Tokyo Trial on Netflix (Arjun watched it intermittently but I enjoyed it.)

Arjun did following Japan inspired artwork:

We ate following food that we bought from Kroger:

We made the following Japanese food:

Geisha: A Life

Geisha: A LifeUntil I read Geisha: A Life by Mineko Iwasaki, I confess that I was prejudiced. I had no idea about the true job description of a Geisha and their history. It is very interesting. I know that Mineko Iwasaki was very fortunate as she was chosen as atotori and hence had privileges that others might envy. I wonder about the perspective of a Geisha who is much lower in the hierarchy.

I would have never guessed that Mineko Iwasaki came in such close contact with dignitaries such as the Queen of England and Prince of Wales because of her profession. This book has definitely enlightened me on this subject. I will definitely watch the movie too. Recently, I visited a Japanese restaurant and I have to say that I took more interest in the decoration, especially the Geisha doll.