Places to visit with your toddler

We moved to Tupelo, MS in 2007 and we discovered following places that my son loves visiting:

  • Aquarium in Atlanta – My entire family enjoyed the aquarium thoroughly.
  • Avent Park in Oxford, MS. The playground is unique and built by community. It has monopoly table to play monopoly with sticks, leaves, acorns and so on. It has tyre swing, wooden piano and much more.
  • Ballard Park in Tupelo – It has two playgrounds. My son loves to feed the ducks, ride a bike, go for picnics and sometimes we take books to the park and read.
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My toddler’s Favorite books

My son is 2 year old and his favorite books are:





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Kabir’s Birthday Cakes

Here are the photos of the birthday cakes I have made for Kabir. You may want to view Arjun’s birthday cakes too.

Molten Chocolate Cake for 12th Birthday
Blueberry Pound cake with strawberries for 11th birthday!
Harry Potter Ice Cream Cake for 10th Birthday
Skate Cupcakes for 9th Birthday
Skate Cupcakes for 9th Birthday
Chocolate cupcakes with book on the top
Chocolate cupcakes with book on the top for 8th Birthday


SpiderMan Cupcakes and Number 7 Spiderman Cake for Kabir's 7th Birthday
SpiderMan Cupcakes and Number 7 Spiderman Cake for Kabir’s 7th Birthday – Cupcakes are red velvet cupcake with blue cream cheese frosting. Cake is a blue colored cake with red frosting.
Zoo Cake for Kabir's 6th Birthday
Zoo Cake for Kabir’s 6th Birthday

Pirate cupcake and treasure chest cake

Pirate cupcake and treasure chest cake for Kabir’s 5th Birthday

Fire Truck Cake
Fire Truck Cake for Kabir’s 4th Birthday
Train Cake
Train Cake for Kabir’s 3rd Birthday
Trash Truck Cake
Trash Truck Cake for Kabir’s 2nd Birthday
Clown Cupcake
Clown Cupcake for Kabir’s 1st Birthday

Activities for toddler

Here are few activities that are favorites of my toddler. I got the ideas for these activities over the Internet, from my friends and children’s museum. I hope you will find them useful.

  • Stickers

    Materials Needed: Stickers, 10 sheets of Paper and Crayons
    On each sheet of paper write a number 1-10. Ask your toddler to stick 1 sticker on the paper with digit 1 and 2 stickers on paper with digit 2 and so on. We started this when my son was 2 and now by the age of 3, he has reached to the number 33.

  • Reading Books

    This is one of the favorite activities. There is a glitter in my son’s eyes as soon as I suggest that I will read to him. We get lot of books from the library.

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In God’s Name

In God’s Name is a children’s book. When I read it I felt that this is what adults need to read especially in today’s environment where religion has taken a center stage in politics and an individual’s life.

It reminded me of the following story. There are many ants around an elephant. As ants are so tiny in front of the elephant, none of them can see the elephant as a whole. So, each one describes a part of the elephant as one sees. Each one is right and yet not. I feel that this is exactly the situation with humanity. Continue reading In God’s Name