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Science Fair 2017

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Boys participated in Peak Science Fair and then they presented their projects at Region VII Lower Science Fair at Ole Miss.  For Peak, they needed to create a hands-on stem activity.  So, they studied and created geodesic domes.  We took gumdrops and toothpicks so that each kid can create their own geodesic dome.

For Regional Science Fair, boys chose following projects.  When Arjun read about how Thomas Alva Edison experimented with different filaments to create a light bulb, Arjun wanted to do the same.  So, that’s exactly what he did.  He tested different filaments such as hair, copper wire, iron wire, wood, pencil lead, and nichrome wire, to see if they will glow or not.  He won 2nd place in the category of Physics and Astronomy in class I (1st – 3rd grades).  If interested, you can view his paper on lightbulbs.


My kids do a short meditation everyday so Kabir wanted to do an experiment to see that if the same guided mental silence technique will make a difference to the stress level of elementary and middle school aged kids.  He wanted to see if our method can be proven scientifically to be helpful in reducing the stress for his peers.  We encouraged him to experiment with an open mind.  He worked with 12 subjects (one of which was Arjun) for five consecutive days.  This was first experience of meditation for eleven of the twelve subjects.  He recorded the subject’s perceived stress score on the first day and then on the fifth day.  The result showed reduction of stress by 40% on average by fifth day.  Each day, he recorded their temperature, pulse and blood pressure.  After that he lead his subject through a guided relaxation technique that involved relaxing instrumental music, slow breathing and saying positive affirmations.  After the relaxation, he recorded the subject’s temperature, pulse and blood pressure again.  He requested a written comment from the subject about the experience on the first day and then on the fifth day.  Overall, it made a positive impact and showed that the relaxation technique did help in reduction of stress.

This experiment was so beneficial to him personally that hopefully, it will make an impact on him for life.  He won 1st place in the category of Behavioral and Social Science and also, won the best project award for 4th – 6th grade category.  If interested, you can view his paper on Mental Silence.

They also participated in “All About Space” organized by Peak Homeschoolers.  Arjun did the research about space stations very enthusiastically.  He did most of the work on his own.  The topic was very dear to his heart.  He created the Lego model of ISS.  Kabir used the model of the solar system that he had made with clay couple of years ago and wrote a poem about the solar system.

Spirit of Gandhi

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Celebration of 144th birth anniversary in Tupelo!

We have about couple of dozen photographs of Gandhi and a few of his quotes that gives spiritual insight into the legend that is a living inspiration to us all.

Gandhi himself said, “What a great thing it would be if we in our busy lives could restore into ourselves each day for at least a couple of hours and prepare our minds to listen to the voice of the great silence. The divine radio is always singing if we could only make ourselves ready to listen to it, but it is impossible to listen without silence.”

We have a small corner where we helped people who were interested to feel this inner silence. We had several people from different walks of life who came over to the exhibition. A few just sat and watched the Gandhi movie for a while. The most popular part of the exhibition for the kids was the depiction of the salt march near the seashore at Dandi.

Please join us between 10 and 4 at Lee County Library to celebrate a legend tomorrow again!

Every age has its greatest discovery. The greatest of all is inside of us.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Every age has its greatest discovery. The greatest of all is inside of us. ~ Edward Saugstad

This is an inspiring story that demonstrates the power of knowing our self through daily meditation. The best part of it is that this story is one of many thousands. So, rest assured that this beautiful world of God is not going the get destroyed. It’s a beautiful world! All we need to do is look into us and expand our heart and fill it with love. Love can overcome all that’s destructive in this world.

Here’s the audio for the interview.

Time to take action and replenish the energy within

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

We’re in a New Energy Crisis. This One is Personal. – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review – This article makes complete sense to me.

I am a stay-at-home mom with two kids. I should have plenty of energy because I am lucky that I don’t have to work. But the above article resonates with me too! While taking care of my toddlers, doing never-ending laundry, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping I do feel a point where I just feel drained out almost every day. If I am drained out, the entire family, especially kids, catches to it and all of us start having a bad day. So, I do feel the urgent need to refuel.

The only thing that works best for me and has the long-lasting result is meditation. Also, I do need 8-hour sleep in the night. If my kids are in no mood to grant me the time to meditate, I resort to having caffeine and/or sugar. I feel better but the difference is that in about an hour or so I am back to feeling drained out and so the effect is not long-lasting. Or else, I had so much caffeine that I can’t sleep now at bedtime. Then I am tired when I get up in the morning because my 1 year old son wakes up at 6 like an alarm clock.

If weather permits, going for walk with kids helps too provided my 4 year old chatter-box will be quiet for just teeny-weeny 5 minutes. He says to me, “Mama, it’s too hard for me. I am just a kid.”

So, the best days for my entire family are when I get up at 5am in the morning and meditate before my little heroes wake up!

Equipping Kids with Stress Handling Tools for a Brighter Future

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

As a parent, it’s our job to see that our kids are equipped with all the necessary tools that they might need for a brighter future. For example, we need to make sure that our kids are educated. It helps if our kids have a dream so that we can help them and support them to pursue their dreams. We need to make sure that we train them with social etiquettes so that they have a pleasant personality.

However, everywhere in this world – school, college, work, relationships, home – they will face a certain degree of stress no matter what. Dealing with stress is the most important issue a human being faces and this is the most neglected area in the childhood.

To start with, here’s what I can try…

Teach my child to meditate – helps to revitalize the brain and get centered. Initially, when we sit for meditation we have lots of thoughts and it is very hard to be still. It’s easier to keep moving and thinking because then we are not with ourselves. We are terrified of being with ourselves. But eventually we learn that it’s nice to just enjoy our own company. Meditation is the only thing that can teach my kids to enjoy their own company. Hence, they are never lonely and have an attitude of “everything is all right”.

Give my child gift of spirituality – Feeling God’s love is the only thing that will not let us feel insecure and unloved. Hence, it’s important to teach kids how to pray. God is the supreme source of help, guidance and love.

Yoga/Exercise – Every kind of exercise and/or Yoga is not only good for health but is always a stress reliever. So, it helps if we can get kids in the habit of some kind of exercise every day just like brushing and saying prayers.

Controlling temper and emotions – go to a quiet place and just cry or be angry as much as you want. Once you feel you have calmed down, come back to the world. This can be a priceless habit! It’s important to learn that it’s not all right to explode like a bomb just because you are angry or emotional. Share your emotions and anger but in a civilized way.

All this is easier said than done, hence we need to keep trying …