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Avonlea Assisted Living

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

We have been visiting residents at Avonlea Assisted Living.  It’s an honor to visit them and spend some precious time with them.

Water Balloon Target game in June 2018: this was so much fun especially because it was so hot. Residents were stronger than the boys as boys could hardly burst a balloon but residents did burst all the balloons with many tries.


Helping Residents make a finger-print canvas in May 2018: We drew a big flower on the canvas and then the boys along with couple of homeschool friends helped the residents fill the flower with paint on the tip of their fingers.

Helping Residents decorate Easter Eggs in April 2018: It was messy but that’s what made it fun! Also, Arjun played piano again for the residents.

Helping Residents with Shamrock Crafts in March 2018: We enjoyed, cutting, gluing and decorating.  It’s so nice to see boys becoming so chatty with the residents.  Absolutely love it!!!

Helping Residents with dab painting in February 2018: This event was a huge success again.  It was so much fun for both kids and residents to create art on canvas or paper.

Helping Residents make Clay Letters in January 2018: This event was a huge success.  It was so much fun for both kids and residents to use alphabet cookie cutters to make clay alphabets.  One of the residents was going to try to taste the white clay and so we have to be careful to make sure that it doesn’t happen but all of them had lots of fun including us.

Helping Residents make Bead Bracelets or Necklaces in November 2017: This was such a fun activity and it was such a joy to see the beaming faces of the residents wearing bead bracelets or necklaces.

Talent Show for the Residents in October 2017: Arjun and Kabir played piano again.  One of the kids did the ventriloquism routine.  After that, homeschoolers and their mom sang few songs.

Music with the Residents in September 2017: Arjun and Kabir both played piano for the residents.  After that, homeschoolers and their moms sang 2-3 hymns.

Kabir’s First Piano Recital

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Last Monday, we attended our first piano recital. I really, really enjoyed it. Kabir’s teacher is Mrs. Sandy Coutoumanos. She is just so amazing. Kabir has been with her since he was 3 as he was her kindermusik student. We enjoyed each and every kids’ performance. It was just such a serene experience to sit and listen to piano (although my 3 year old was getting pretty edgy and couldn’t wait to get out). After the recital, we went to Newk’s for celebration. His grandparents were with us to enjoy this event.

Here’s a video of his recital.

Kindermusik with Sandy in Tupelo, MS

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Kindermusik with SandyMy son, Kabir (going to turn 4 next week) has been taking lessons from Ms. Sandy Coutoumanos since about a year. Both of us have enjoyed it thoroughly. Ms. Sandy is the best music teacher I have come across. We are very lucky to find her. Over this one year, he has been exposed to various musical instruments. I think this is important because one of these instruments might connect with him in the future. Last week we went to Gatlinburg and a man was playing a harp in the visitor center. He instantly recognized it. He felt so happy that he sat down to listen to him. Moreover, Ms. Sandy had taught him how to stop the strings with hand. He noticed that the man playing harp did that at the end of the song. He proudly made me notice this.

Amongst various things, she has been teaching him rhythms, recognizing high and low notes, following simple child-friendly musical notations, training his voice, getting his hand ready for playing piano. I think music is as important as education for brain development. Above all, my son enjoys it so much. Over the holidays in Gatlinburg he gave a little concert for his grandparents and I was so proud of him.

We started with lessons at home initially but starting this fall she is offering classes for various age groups at the Link Centre. I strongly recommend it. At the beginning of each unit, Kabir gets a CD, a book and a musical instrument. He has an amazing collection of instruments such as rhythm sticks, slide whistle, pan flute, harmonica, jingle sticks, sand blocks and more. Also, he got to make a handmade musical instrument.