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Pied Piper Players

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Pied Piper Players is the local children’s theater.  My boys feel at home with this group.  So far, Arjun has participated in 6 plays produced by Pied Piper Players and Kabir has participated in 7 plays.  Both of them have participated in 1 Tupelo Community Theater – off-Broadway show.

In Fall 2017, Arjun took part as Alex in the play: “The Magic Wishing Ring.”  His performance was outstanding!

In Fall 2017, Kabir took part in the following play: “It’s an Okie Dokie Life!”  He was the main character, Joe.  He really enjoyed being a cowboy and we were very impressed with his performance.  One of the scenes required Kabir to be on stage and looking at himself in the past.  Arjun played the role of Joe in the past.  As part of Pied Piper Players, boys took part in the annual Christmas Parade in Tupelo.

In Spring 2018, boys participated in the production of Alice in Wonderland. Kabir was the March Hare and Arjun was the Frog Footman. Here’s a Daily Journal newspaper article about the play.