Black Boy (P.S.)

A Black Boy (P.S.)Black Boy (P.S.) by Richard Wright is a book that I couldn’t put down until I finished reading it. The most amazing part for me was how Richard had developed wisdom, discretion and self esteem despite of his very tough childhood.

Richard rose above his circumstances and made himself better off. That’s inspiring. This book gave me a new insight into the issues of the slavery and communism in the United States. Anyone who is interested in African American history must read this book.

A Father’s Law (P.S.)

A Father’s Law (P.S.)I love the writing style of Richard Wright. A Father’s Law (P.S.)A Father's Law (P.S.) is an unfinished novel and that makes it so much more interesting as so many questions and scenarios are left for us to wonder about.

The psychology behind a murder is very interesting to me. Also, the father and son’s relationship is very interesting. It gives me an insight into the mind of the youth. I should read this novel again when my son is a teenager. It might help me be a more understanding mother. I am tempted to read other novels by Richard Wright.