Estes Rockets

This week, Arjun assembled the Estes Rocket Science Starter Kit. This Sunday, we went to a nearby field and he launched the rocket. The kit came with three engines, (A8-3: 275 ft; B6-4: 575 ft; C6-5: 1150 ft) and he launched the first one. He forgot to put in the parachute for the first launch, but the rocket suffered no damage. In the second launch, the parachute worked, but the wind carried it to somebody’s backyard. We recovered it, but for the third launch, we went to Veteran’s Park, which is a much bigger area. In the third launch, the rocket went so high, we could not find it.

Launch 1

Launch 2:

Later, Arjun made his own rocket from scratch, and launched on Nov 7, 2020, when the 2020 election results came out. It was made of a paper nose cone, a cardboard body, a straw lug, cardboard fins, and a double A-83 Estes engine.