Check Web Page Download Time

One of the principles of usability is fast downloading of a web page. Here’s a neat tool that helps to check web page download time. This will help your website from search engine optimization perspective as well.

Tips for reducing download time for a web page:

  • Use div’s rather than tables for layout.
  • Use XHTML rather than HTML.
  • Separate content from presentation completely by using external StyleSheet.
  • Do not add inline styles or scripts. All JavaScript should be in external file.
  • Optimize the size of images. Make sure that you use GIF images or JPEG images appropriately depending upon the file size and required resolution.
  • Keep the length of the page not too long. This will help reduce the size of the page and is user-friendly as the visitor doesn’t have to scroll too much.
  • Optimize the size of all multimedia files such as video, audio and flash.
  • Do not use frames.
  • Make sure your hosting server can provide required bandwidth for your website.
  • Note that adding advertisements on your web page usually increases the download time.

SEO Checklist – What Not to Do

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a science at all in the sense that we cannot prescribe the same treatment to all the websites that we optimize. It’s an art. One needs to see what the individual website has to offer and then optimize it to make that website unique in its industry. And, this is where the secret of SEO lies.

However, there are few rules that should be followed by every website that wishes to be on the first page of search engines for their respective targeted keywords. Here, I have created a SEO checklist of stuff that we should not do if we care for SEO at all. This list is based on my experience as search engine optimizer. I’m going to modify this list as and when needed. So, watch this space! Continue reading SEO Checklist – What Not to Do

How to write Meta tags?

Meta tag is the HTML tag added in the head section of the HTML code as seen in the screenshot below. The purpose of this tag is to inform the search engine about the web page and its contents. There are quite a few Meta tags that provide description, keywords and copyright information to search engines. In this article we are going to concentrate on Meta description tag and Meta keywords tag.

Meta Tag

Continue reading How to write Meta tags?

How to Select Keywords?

Keywords are the search terms that target customers typically use in search engines to find the service or product being offered on the website. Hence, the first and the most crucial step for optimizing a website is to research and define the best keywords.

Let’s use an example to illustrate the importance of selecting the right keywords on your website. In this example, the website we need to optimize offers wigs for women. It makes sense to optimize this website for “women’s wigs”. Yet, a quick keyword analysis reveals that target customers rarely type “women’s wigs” in the search engine. The popular search term used by target customers in this industry is rather “wigs for women”. So, which keyword are you going to optimize your website for? Obviously, “wigs for women”. Continue reading How to Select Keywords?