Spirit of Gandhi

Celebration of 144th birth anniversary in Tupelo!

We have about couple of dozen photographs of Gandhi and a few of his quotes that gives spiritual insight into the legend that is a living inspiration to us all.

Gandhi himself said, “What a great thing it would be if we in our busy lives could restore into ourselves each day for at least a couple of hours and prepare our minds to listen to the voice of the great silence. The divine radio is always singing if we could only make ourselves ready to listen to it, but it is impossible to listen without silence.”

We have a small corner where we helped people who were interested to feel this inner silence. We had several people from different walks of life who came over to the exhibition. A few just sat and watched the Gandhi movie for a while. The most popular part of the exhibition for the kids was the depiction of the salt march near the seashore at Dandi.

Please join us between 10 and 4 at Lee County Library to celebrate a legend tomorrow again!

Expecting to Fly: In Search Of The Spirit

Expecting to FlyExpecting to Fly: In Search Of The Spirit” by Patrick Sheridan is a book that I can never forget and I need to read it at least once again. It was very hard to put this book down. I am filled with awe about how Shri Mataji cleansed, nourished, comforted and guided the author.

Shri Mataji didn’t look at his personality or appearance but looked at his heart as he was a seeker and took him under her protection. She transformed him from a heavy 60s style drug addict who had abandoned his son to a loving family man who gave up all addictions and is leading a respectable, normal, happy life. This book should serve as a warning to anyone who seeks through drugs and/or any black magic. My favorite parts of the book are Patrick’s interactions with Shri Mataji. Also, it was inspiring to learn about the beginnings of Sahaja Yoga in London. There’s so much I learnt from this book that inspires my own spiritual journey. Above all, I love the transparency, that is, I love how the author has bared his life, thoughts and heart out without concern for being judged. I wish I had met the author when I was living in London.

Poem for Shri Mataji

I was a little girl and one day, I wrote a poem and hid it behind Shri Mataji’s photograph. I was very careful and particular that my mother doesn’t find out as I didn’t want anyone to know about this poem. The next day I destroyed it.

After few months, Shri Mataji was coming to Calcutta and we had gone to the airport to welcome Her. We got the opportunity to offer flowers and do pranams individually to Her. When it was my turn, I offered flowers and bowed down. Shri Mataji said to me that She read the poem that I wrote and loved it. My mouth was open and all I could do was pranams.

How Shri Mataji instilled confidence in me

In 1990s when Shri Mataji was visiting Calcutta, I was in Shri Mataji’s room. I cannot recall why I was in Shri Mataji’s room. Shri Mataji asked me to choose between two petticoats to match it with her sari in the light. I was so scared to touch Shri Mataji’s saris. I did a pranam to the sari in my heart. I believed I wouldn’t do it right as the shades of petticoats were too close. If Shri Mataji had trouble how can I do it? Just then one of the aunties entered the room and I thought I am saved. I asked auntie’s help but Shri Mataji said no and I should do it. I did as told to my best ability. Shri Mataji didn’t say anything, accepted it and wore it as chosen. I learnt my lesson: have confidence and take on the responsibility.

How Sahaja Yoga started in Kolkatta

Shri Mataji had forecasted that Sahaja Yoga will start in Calcutta through Mr. Jalan. This is how Her vision came true.

My father knew Shri Mataji through Rajesh Shah but I am not sure how devoted he was. Then, in 1984, my father was in Bombay. We lived in Calcutta. My grandparents were supposed to leave the town for a pilgrimage but my grandfather developed bad cough and the trip was postponed. My mother informed about this to my father over the telephone. At the same time, Shri Mataji was in Bombay as well. Shri Mataji sent a message that She wanted to see my father as soon as possible. He went to see Shri Mataji. There were more people there and so he just sat down. Shri Mataji didn’t speak to him at all. In the end, She asked him how is his father. My father was dumbfounded and said that he is all right. As soon as he could leave Shri Mataji’s place, he called my mother and she gave him the unfortunate news that my grandfather had passed away. Shri Mataji had called him and given him the strength to cope with this tragic event. Continue reading How Sahaja Yoga started in Kolkatta