My Memoirs

my_memoirsMy Memoirs by Babamama is a book I’ll cherish forever. It is so fascinating to know about Shri Mataji’s family history. Babamama was indeed a very good story teller. All Sahaja Yogis must read this book. For the first time, I completely understand how universe was created.

The book has lot of typos and so, I wish someone would edit the book and republish it. This book is precious for our progeny. I’ll never forget the incident described in the book where Shri Mataji makes April fool of her family members. It is so amazing. This is what life is about.

It was a miracle indeed

On 7th Jan 2009, we were visiting our favorite playground at Avent Park in Oxford, MS. We were having fun when all of a sudden my 2 year old fell down on his face from a height of about 4 – 5 feet.

He looked really bad and we rushed to Tupelo ER (about 45 minutes away). My husband is a physician and he preferred Tupelo ER to Oxford ER. In the car, my son fell asleep and we just kept giving him bandhan. When we reached the parking lot of the Tupelo ER, my son woke up and he could speak properly, walk properly. He looked absolutely fine. We watched him closely and he was absolutely fine without any scratch. All we want to say is: Thank You, Shri Mataji.

How a Sahaja Yogi helps this world to become a better place?

This question begs another one: who or what is a Sahaja Yogi? A Sahaja Yogi is a person whose Kundalini is awakened and who can, as a result, use what is for most people, a new category of perception by which all kinds of absolute questions can be answered. Extraordinary as it may seem, this awareness itself, thinks, organizes and loves. It balances, neutralizes and heals human problems, and relates men and women to the divine.

A person with awakened Kundalini can feel the state of their own subtle system and can, as necessary know their problems at a subtle level and correct them. As a result, they become emotionally balanced and instead of living in the past, in the world of their feelings and emotions, or in the future, forever thinking and planning, or, swinging like a pendulum between the two, they can now, for the first time, truly live in the present.

Becoming a Sahaja Yogi implies total inner transformation. A Sahaja Yogi therefore has to be honest and compassionate. Continue reading How a Sahaja Yogi helps this world to become a better place?

One of the many Sahaja Yoga miracles I witnessed

During one of the visits of Shri Mataji to Calcutta in 1980s, my father requested Her to invite all the Sahaja Yogis from the West for dinner at our house after the public program. At the end of the program, Shri Mataji invited all the Sahaja Yogis, Indian as well as Western to our home which created a logistics issue. Whereas there were about twenty or so Western Yogis, there were about hundred Sahaja Yogis in total.

I could see that my mother was a bit worried for there wasn’t enough time to increase the quantity of food. She instructed the family cook to quickly make some potatoes and I noticed my mother praying, “Shri Mataji please enter the kitchen as Annapurna and take care of the dinner.” Continue reading One of the many Sahaja Yoga miracles I witnessed

How Sahaja Yoga helped me as a student?

I was very much a loner in school, I had no friends, I was scared of teachers, I could not understand all that I was studying and every one of the teachers commented: “She is capable of performing better if she worked harder.” It didn’t make any sense to me except that I felt real bad inside.

I met Shri Mataji for the first time when I was in fifth grade. The moment I saw Her I felt my heart fill with Her love. I don’t know exactly what happened but the sadness within me disappeared. Immediately after, my class ranking rose to fifteenth! Not impressive, I agree, but it was the best I had ever managed and somehow this gave me a lot of confidence and, for the first time, I felt interested in the subjects I was studying. Lessons began making sense, teachers started showing me a little love and now I had friends. I knew that Shri Mataji had changed my environment – but in retrospect, was it my environment that changed or had I? Continue reading How Sahaja Yoga helped me as a student?