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American Study

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

We have been studying about America and this morning we met with a few homeschoolers to listen to our kids’ presentations and to eat traditional American food.  It was just wonderful.  Although each of the kids did a great job but my favorites were a movie about the history of Colorado using Legos by John Gannon, a brochure of Texas by Aidan, an A-Z list of symbols of Louisiana by Lou, and history of civil rights in Alabama by Emory.

Kabir and Arjun filled all the fact sheets about America on their own.  Then they started a new folder where there are going to complete fact sheets for each of the 50 states.  So far, they have completed fact sheets for California and Missouri.  This is because Arjun chose to focus on California and Kabir on Missouri.  They created a clay model of the USA.

They updated the population and religion graphs.

Arjun chose to focus on San Francisco earthquake 1906.  We adapted the script from a book, “Lizzie Newton and the San Francisco Earthquake” by Stephen Krensky.  We did Readers Theatre where his grandmother, Kabir, Arjun and I participated.  We will remember this forever in life!  Here is the link to the script, San Francisco Earthquake and here is the link to the video of San Francisco Earthquake Readers Theatre.  He created a Lego model of San Francisco and then broke to represent San Francisco after the earthquake.  As far as food is concerned we bought California Roll and California Sourdough bread from Kroger for the party.

Kabir created a Missouri newspaper dedicated to homeschoolers.  He did this mostly on his own and worked real hard.  Here is a video link of his presentation of the Missouri Newspaper dedicated to homeschoolers.  For food, we made Ozark pudding and Squash casserole for the party.  We spent last week in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had a great time as it’s a great city for kids.

4th of July 2013

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

After a long and beautiful vacation in New York, we celebrated 4th of July at home. It was wonderful especially because the boys lighted the fireworks in our backyard and all of us went to watch the city fireworks later in the night. That’s our first time as a family. We also ate the typical 4th of July food: homemade burger, strawberry pie and watermelons. We also made crepes! Kabir played patriotic songs on his piano for us! Amit and I managed to do a bit of spring-cleaning too! It was a fun and productive day!

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Monday, July 16th, 2012

“The Woman Who Wasn’t There” by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. is a true, chilling story that comes to my mind each time I think of that terrible day of 9/11. I just cannot believe that a human being is capable of playing with fragile emotions of survivors of 9/11. It’s pathetic! I just couldn’t put this book down because Tania’s audacity to do what she was doing was mind-boggling. There are so many questions that I wish Tania would answer. Why did she do this? What was she thinking? Does she feel sorry now? Did she apologize especially to Linda? After I read the book, I had to look at Tania’s photo online. I really want to watch the documentary now.

Decision Points

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Decision PointsDecision Points by George W. Bush is easy to read and to the point. I love the way the book is structured around key decisions during his presidency. I enjoyed it thoroughly and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding out how and why George W. Bush made the key decisions during his presidency.

He came across as a patriotic President to me. Also, I learnt the complexity of making decisions that affects the world as the President of America. It’s not black and white as we, the commoners, perceive because there are so many details and facts that only the top administration is aware of. I think it will take at least a decade or more to figure out if his decisions were right or wrong. One thing is for sure and that is: he became President at one of the most unfortunate time in history. If I understand it right, even Abraham Lincoln was a very unpopular President during his term and was often ridiculed. It is only now that we know that he was one of the greatest Presidents. So, let the time judge the presidency of George W. Bush.

Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Spoken from the HeartI enjoyed reading ‘Spoken from the Heart’ by Laura Bush. I have always admired her as the First Lady and so, I was really interested in her book. I found her very elegant, poised, composed and matured. This book confirmed my opinion about Mrs. Bush. It’s just amazing how much America does for the needful all over the world. It might be that other countries are as charitable but I am just impressed with generosity and charitable nature of Americans overall.

I share Mrs. Bush’s love for the books. I am convinced that first and foremost it is prayers and devotion to God and then it is education that enables us to overcome our adverse situations and makes us better-off. So, I commend her efforts towards spreading literacy and improving education wherever possible. I was born and brought up in Calcutta and we had a book fair every January. I used to look forward to that book fair so much. It was my opportunity to look at so many different kinds of books. So, I am so happy to read about Mrs. Bush’s effort to start the tradition of book fair in America. I wish we had a book fair in Tupelo. If any of the Tupeleons reading this article has the stamina, time, contacts and feels inspired to start a book fair, I’ll be honored to help. Annual book fairs are a huge step towards promoting the love for books.