Writing Process

Writing process starts with reading. Reading stories to little babies ignites imagination within them. Reading is a pre-requisite to writing well.

When my boys were at an age where they can speak but can’t write, I used to ask them to dictate a story. I’ll be their transcriber. I’ll ask questions such as why is this happening or how did this work, etc. so that the story makes sense and is complete. All these stories were bound in a folder, which is kept in our living room and whenever they want they can read it. They are amused and feel a sense of pride whenever they revisit these stories even at this age.

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Kabir’s Winning Stories 2014

Kabir participated in three writing contests this year.  He won second place in Gumtree writing contest 2014.  He won a red ribbon and $8.

Here is his story:

He won first place at Young Voices Foundation.  He won a certificate and $30.  He wrote a story titled “Fear of Scissors“.

He spent a part of his earning to buy flowers for Shri Mataji, and a part of his earning was used to buy Lindor white chocolates for himself.  The rest of the money will go to his savings account.